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Meaning of the term "holocaust"; A "burnt offering sacrifice" to a deity; THE Holocaust™ a sacrifice to the Jews' god Molech/Satan

1. a great or complete devastation or destruction, esp. by fire.
2. a sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering.


One day during our study together, the matter of the German Holocaust came up and I asked him if that word was Hebrew or Yiddish. He told me that it was a perfectly good Bible word. I challenged him, stating that the word holocaust was not to be found anywhere in the Bible. I confirmed that truth by double-checking in my Strong"s Exhaustive Concordance. Where upon he opened his Douay-Rheims to a dozen Scriptures containing the word holocaust. One of these is found in Numbers 29:1-2:

"The first day also of the seventh month shall be venerable and holy unto you; ye shall do no servile work therein, because it is the day of the sounding and of trumpets. And you shall offer a holocaust -for a most sweet odour to the Lord, one calf of the herd, one ram and seven lambs of a year old, without blemish."

With that insight, the lights went on for me. Wow! Do you see that? Do you get the significance? I will always be in debt to my Catholic friend for showing me the word holocaust in his Bible. It unraveled a mystery. My Bible says that Israel was to make burnt offerings unto the Lord. So, the Hebrew word for burnt offering can be also translated as holocaust!

Studying together, we found that the word holocaust was used more than 150 times in the Catholic Bible, but never once in the King James, or any other Bible translation in my library. That word is not used in the 1599 Geneva or the highly accurate Ferrar Fenton. Noah Webster, the great linguistic scholar who first gave us his famous dictionary in 1828, also published a very good translation of the Bible. He did not use the word holocaust for burnt offering.

Holocaust is a strange word used by both Christians and Jews describing what they characterize as "Germany"s final solution to the Jewish Question." Yet, holocaust has neither a Hebrew, Yiddish, German or English origin. It is a word that has a Greek origin, meaning, "to be burnt whole." How that Greek word managed to get into the Hebrew translation of the Catholic Bible, I can only speculate, and we will discuss that in a later lesson.

What is important for this lesson is that any holocaust is a "burnt offering to a god." In the Old Testament, as you will see by looking up the phrase burnt offering in Strong"s that it appears more than 150 times defined in his word #5930.

[editors note: confirm for yourself that the Hebrew word translated as "burnt offering" can be translated as "holocaust" using a Strong's Concordance for Numbers 29:1-2 and Hebrew Lexicon for Hebrew word #5930]

Sometimes it was a burnt offering commanded by Almighty God which was holy and good. Other times it was an- abomination done by Satan"s Seed to Moloch [Molech] or Astarte [Astereth]. Sometimes the Bible uses the phrase "passing through the fire to Moloch." This is a holocaust that is an abomination, but it is still a burnt offering to a god. Remember, regardless of whether the burnt offering is to Almighty God, or whether the holocaust is for the pleasure of the pagan god Moloch, it is a sacrifice. Holocausts are sacrifices! The burnt offering to Almighty God, done by Israel, was the sweet smell of cattle and sheep consumed on the altar. The holocaust of the Seed of the Serpent was always the sacrifice of their own children, making them pass through the fire ? holocaust -- to Moloch [II Kings 23:10]. These people did not sacrifice an enemy person or the people of a neighboring race to their god Molech, because such would be no sacrifice. Instead, as in the Holocaust in Germany during World War II, they always sacrificed their own people.


The Zionist Jews put the poor, lower class Jews among their kinsmen through the fire to Molech, so that through that sacrifice the State of Esau-Israel might come into being. By their words, and the use of the word holocaust, they have made that admission.


Unable to resist disclosing the tell-tale marks of the Serpent race, these sons of Moloch falsely claim that Six million Jews died under Aryan domination during the six years from 1939 to 1945. They have attempted to make the German people in particular, and the rest of the Caucasian people of the world in genera], guilty of the Holocaust which they, themselves, brought about as their sacrifice for Esau-Israel! The German people, most of whom believed Catholics or Lutherans, had no intention of sacrificing their Seed unto Moloch, Molech, Ashtoreth or Astarte, and they did not do so. Don"t you see? If the Germans did it to the Jews, it could not properly be called a holocaust. By their own lips, the Jews have, once again, betrayed themselves.

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Kevin Käther persecuted for questioning the Holycaust

The Latest Judicial News from Absurdistan

By the authors of the National Journal

Like a true patriot, Kevin Käther has been fighting the modern Inquisition tribunals on behalf of the German nation. In an appeal hearing on 9th June 2009, Tiergarten District Court (Berlin) initially sentenced him to a prison sentence of eight months without probation.

The concerned citizen will ask: What brought about his guilty verdict and prison sentence?

Kevin's crime consisted of sending compact discs (CDs) of Germar Rudolf's proscribed book "Lectures On the Holocaust" to three judges in Berlin and then filing an official complaint against himself for violating Germany's notorious censorship laws. His purpose in doing this was to judicially determine, in a court trial, whether Rudolf's factual conclusions are scientifically valid. In the cover letter that he sent with the CDs, he stated that if empirical evidence proved the contents of Rudolf's book to be inaccurate, he would accept his punishment without objection or appeal.

He wrote:

"Under the censorship laws of the Federal Republic, distribution and dissemination of this book is proscribed as 'Denial of Holocaust.' Germar Rudolf, the author of this book, was sentenced to a prison term for the commendable but criminal act of writing it. As a self-respecting German I have a patriotic obligation to publicize these lectures in our country... I realize that I will probably be indicted and convicted in a court of law for my action, and I accept that probability. In the ensuing criminal trial, you will be required to testify as witnesses. For this reason, you should familiarize yourselves with the factual contents of Rudolf's book, applying old-fashioned German thoroughness."

The indictment came immediately.

In order to either prove or disprove the veracity of Rudolf's book in a judicial framework, Kevin submitted over four thousand pages of empirical evidence during his trial, along with Rudolf's "Expert Report on the Alleged Gas Chambers of Auschwitz."

[Rudolf, a diploma chemist at the Max Planck Institute, had originally prepared this expert report for the Defense in the 1992 trial of Retired General Otto Ernst Remer for "Denying Holocaust."]

In 1993 General Remer sent the Rudolf Report to more than 300 professors of Inorganic Chemistry. Not a single professor found a single mistake in his numerous analyses, and an expert witness in a Swiss court also attested to its accuracy. Regarding this report, the director of the Jewish Anne-Frank Association in Amsterdam, Hans Westra, made the following statement in 1994 on the Belgian TV program "Panorama":

"The scientific analysis in this expert report is perfect."

The Rudolf Expert Report was Kevin's main piece of evidence, but he pointed out a number of other discrepancies in the official "Holocaust" tale that need clarification as well. For example, the newsweekly DIE Zeit had reported that the "Auschwitz Holocaust" was carried out by mass shootings rather than homicidal gas chambers.

In addition, Kevin called on Gita Sereny, Britain's foremost Jewish "Holocaust" researcher and writer, as a witness. In the LONDON TIMES issue of 29 August 2001 she agreed that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp. Kevin also wanted the judges to indicate which of the official estimates of the number of Auschwitz deaths is correct, since they range from 66,000 to 9,000,000.

Kevin then asked the Court to clarify which of the judicially valid Maidanek verdicts is correct: Berlin District Court determined that Maidanek Concentration Camp had no homicidal gas chambers, whereas Düsseldorf District Court ruled that mass gassings took place in homicidal gas chambers there.

He also asked the judges to clarify through evidentiary findings whether the victims in Treblinka Camp were killed with steam or gas. The Allied Military Tribunal decreed that victims were "steamed" at Treblinka whereas Federal Republic verdicts claimed they were "gassed."

With over 4000 pages of evidentiary motions, Kevin hoped to make the Court establish whether he, on the strength of the documents he presented, had a legal right to publicly express the opinion that no homicidal gassings took place in Auschwitz and other wartime camps. However, all of his evidentiary motions were disallowed, and he was threatened with additional criminal charges for attempting to introduce them!

This young German patriot, who had hoped to determine whether his historical opinions were correct or incorrect by introducing empirical evidence in a German court of law, had fallen into the black pit of judicial chaos. The German courts refused to rule on whether official documents and their own rulings, which wildly contradict one another, support Kevin's opinions.

Kevin then appealed his verdict within Tiergarten Court. In these proceedings, in which he submitted another 2500 pages of evidentiary motions, the original verdict of eight months imprisonment was upheld, as was the Court's proscription against his submitting evidence.

Kevin then appealed on points of law to the next higher court. Then, on 16 September 2009, a judicial sensation occurred: the Fourth Criminal Section (Kammergericht) of Berlin Superior Court of Justice vacated the verdict of the Tiergarten Appellate Court -- and it did so in a way that allowed nothing but acquittal! The Kammergericht ruled that Kevin's sending the book CD to three judges did not involve the public, which was indispensable for the crime of "Holocaust Denial."

Their decision reads as follows:

"The handing out of literature to one or a few specific individuals does not fulfill the requirement of distribution unless it is definitely established that these individuals intended to further distribute the literature. The charge specified in the appealed verdict does not constitute such distribution. 'Distribution' is not involved here because we are dealing with only three CDs of the book that were intended for specific recipients and sent to them alone. The 'critical value' of the minimum number of recipients needed to qualify as 'distribution' is clearly not present."

Thus the Kammergericht ruling forced the hand of the Court of First Instance. Because it was now clear that acquittal was certain to result from the first trial, Tiergargen District Court prepared a new indictment - this time on account of the evidence that Kevin attempted to submit. The submission and consideration of evidence to prove the innocence of defendants is of course a universally recognized human right. The European Convention of Human Rights specifically protects it.

In the "Holocaust" witch trials that are currently staged in the Federal Republic of Germany, however, this basic human right is routinely trodden underfoot. It is undeniable that by refusing to accept evidentiary motions that would prove innocence in "Holocaust" trials, German courts routinely deny defendants the fundamental human right to a legal defense. Actually the situation is even worse: our courts take the denial of human rights a step further than merely refusing to allow accused persons to defend themselves. Not only are defendants forbidden to defend themselves: Even worse, they are charged with additional crimes for submitting evidentiary motions.

Not even China engages in such judicial tyranny!

On 10 December 2009 Kevin was sentenced to a prison sentence of one year and eight months for repeated "Incitement of the Masses" (specifically, reading and submitting evidentiary motion in his first trial.) This time, however, even though his "crime" was greater than in the first trial (distributing proscribed literature), the Court surprisingly substituted probation for prison time, even though the greater "crime" would logically rule this out.

Did the judges suddenly develop a conscience, or did they simply abandon all attempts at logical consistency?

Even with this new sentence, however, the Court still lacks any and all legal basis for sentencing Kevin. This is because he had asked the Court to declare the session in which he read his evidentiary motions "not open to the public." Again no "public" existed, and with no public, there can be no distribution. As the Kammergericht ruled, such a public is necessary for conviction under Section 130 of the Penal Code. Thus this intrepid young father of a family, an honourable and patriotic German, has been effectively silenced. With the probated sentence, the Court obviously intends to hold him politically hostage so that in future he will "keep his mouth shut."

Kevin exhibited truly heroic patriotism, however, he is a family man with a small daughter, and his conscience and sense of responsibility oblige him to refrain from further action under the present system. He has done enough, risked enough, struggled in exemplary fashion. Now he must devote himself to his family.

Our unjust and inconsistent system is certain to bring about its own downfall.

Translated by J M Damon
The original is posted at

Germar Rudolf's "Lectures on the Holocaust" is available for free at the following link:
Get a copy before the Zionist censors have this site taken down. We must preserve the evidence which proves that the Zionist blackmailers who live on the guilt of Europeans have created that guilt from their own fetid imaginations. The lie of the Holocaust is the foundation of their power, and without it they will struggle to maintain control.

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"Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel" by Hennecke Kardel

Kardel's book presents events leading to and the people responsible for the World War II, the Holocaust, the creation of the State of Israel and other historical events. It also shows in great detail the reasons and explains how and why it was possible for those events to happen. This book is a highly recommended reading for all the History Buffs, the Jews and non-Jews alike. [1]

Book in PDF

Typical signs of Jewish features are: Eyes are usually shiny and both eye lids are heavy and swollen. The lymphbag under the eyes is usually fuller and stands out more than on Gentiles. The high cheekbone as a rule creates a sunken cheek. The nose can only be differentiated by its slightly moving nose wings when viewed from the front during breathing. The upper lip is short and the lower lip stands out and this gives the face a sensual expression." Source: Twelve volumes "Jewish Encyclopedia" on all questions pertaining Jewry and the Jewish curious nature and notions.

The main supporters of fulfilling the "Work of Masters" were Reinhard Heydrich, predominantly Jewish (above) and the full Jew Adolf Eichmann (below). As the organizer of the Jewish emigration prior to the Second World War Eichmann traveled to the country which today is Israel.

MUST SEE: The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler - Documentary video by Jim Condit, Jr.