Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zionism as a smokescreen?

The term 'Zionism' is much used when discussing the people who are physically, socially, economically, culturally and psychologically destroying those who cherish freedom. To this end we now have such oddities as anti-Zionist Jews who hold to the racist supremacist religion of the Talmud, yet profess to be against the goal which they share with their less superstitious brethren. Is Zionism just another cover label to take attention away from the real evil in our midsts; the Synagogue of Satan itself, Organised Jewry?

Videos critical of the Self-Chosen which have been posted on youtube, google and many other sites are routinely 'disappearing' as the censors root out 'blasphemers' of the Judaeo-christian Holocaustianity cult. Simply downloading free software such as RealPlayer enables these heretical films to be downloaded before the censor can banish them. Do yourself a favour and download whatever you find useful for exposing these enemies of humanity.

The ultimate Zionist lie may be the very label of 'Zionism' itself.

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