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The Ideological Background of the Illuminat

From Juri Lina's Under the Sign of the Scorpion, p. 22-28

"Jüri Lina was born in 1949 in occupied Estonia. He was banned from journalistic work in 1975 and then worked as a night watchman until he was forced to emigrate in 1979 after repeated conflicts with the political police, KGB."

In 1492, the Alumbrado (The Enlightened) movement was founded by Spanish Marranos (baptised Jews who secretly kept their Talmudic faith) and a similar organization was founded in France in 1623 - "Guerients" who changed their name to Illuminati in 1722. The Spanish authorities attempted to stop the Alumbrado movement as early as 1527 when Ignatius Loyola was temporarily arrested for his activities with the Illuminati.

Loyola (Inigo Lopez de Regalde), who was of Jewish blood, was born in the 1490s. In 1534, he founded his own order -- the Jesuits -- taking out a loan for the purpose. THe Pope acknowledge the Jesuit Order on the 5th of April 1540.

Benjamin Disraeli, author and prime minister of Great Britain in 1868, and 1874-1876, himself a Jew wrote in his book "Coningsby" (London, 1844) that the first Jesuits were Jews. In this new order, all members were under Loyola's surveillance. It was the Jewish Jesuit Cardinal Roberto Bellarmino (1542-1621) who ordered the philosopher Filippo Giordano Bruno burnt at the stake on the 17th of February 1600.

In 1771, 23 year old (Adam) Weishaupt met Kolmer, a Danish Kabbalist Jew who had just returned from Egypt. Kolmer initiated Weishaupt into the secrets of Osiris magic, the Cabbala and the ALumbrado movement. Nesta Webster assumed that he had been known in Italy as Altotas, Cagliostro's master. Kolmer's occult knowledge made a deep impression on Weishaupt, who later chose the Egyptian pyramid as the Illuminati's symbol of power...

One year earlier (1770) Weishaupt had been given a post as lecturer in canon law at the University of Ingolstadt. He later received his doctor's degree and in 1773, at the age of 25, became a professor at the same university...

It was no coincidence that the Order of the Illuminati was founded on the first of May. Among the Cabbalist Jews, this date, 15 (1.5) symbolized the sacred number of Yahweh and became their occult holiday. According to Goethe, the first of May -- the day following Walpurgis Night -- is when the dark mystical forces are celebrated.

At this time a young Jew named Mayer Amschel (born February 23, 1744) was being tutored to become a rabbi. Amschel lived with his parents in the Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt am Main. He later took the name Rothschild. It was Mayer Amschel Rothschild who convinced Weishaupt to wholly accept the Frankist Cabbalist doctrine and who afterwards financed the Illuminati. Rothschild had given Weishaupt the task of restablishin the old Alumbrado movement for the Cabbalist Jews.

Theoretical Cabbal embraces only secret teachings about God and nature. But practical Cabbala (such as Frankism) attempts to affect earthly matters. It involves the use of amulets and magic numbers as well as the conjuring of evil spirits. Both the Talmud and Midrash contain Cabbalist information. ("Ancient Oriental and Jewish Secret Doctrines, Leipzig, 1805.)

Jakob Frank (1726-1791) was the most frightening phenomenon in Jewish history, according to the Jewish professor Gershom Scholem. His actions were totally immoral. Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman shows in his book "To Eliminate the Opiate" (New York, 1974) that there was a clear connection between Frankism and Weishaupt's Illuminism. The goal of the Frankists was to work in secret to establish Jewish world supremacy. Professor Scholem has clearly documented that they achived extensive political power.

Jakob Frank (actually Leibowicz) was born in 1726, in Polish Galicia. He officially converted to Catholicism but this was just camouflage. Jakob Frank was jailed in 1760 for continuing to teach the Cabbala (Zohar) and for practising secret Jewish rituals. In 173, the Russians attacked the region of Poland where Frank was held prisoner. He was released and moved to Offenbach (near Frankfurt am Main) in Germany where he began to lead a luxurious and wild life. His deeds were evil, his personality nefarous. This information comes from Scholem's books "Cabbala" (New York and Scarborough, 1974) "Sabbatai Zevi" (New Jersey, 1973) and "The Messianic Idea in Judaism" (New York, 1971).

Jakob Frank summed up his doctrine in his book "The Words of the Lord". He asserted that the creator God was not the same as the one who had revealed himself to the Israelites. He believed God was evil. Frank proclaimed himself the true Messiah. He vowed to not tell the truth, rejected every moral law, and declared that the only way to a new society was through a total destruction of the present civilization. Murder, rape, incest and drinking of blood were perfectly acceptable actions and necessary rituals.

Frank was one of those refractory Jews who worshipped devils. The extremist Jews were particularly fond of a devil called Sammael. (C.M. Ekbohrn, "100000 frammande ord", Stockholm, 1936, p. 1173.)

Joseph Johann Adam Weishaupt was born on the 6th of February 1748 in Ingolstadt, by the Danube, in Bavaria, into an assimilated Jewish family. (Pouget de Saint Andres, "Le auteurs caches de la revolution francaise", p. 16). His father was a professor at the University of Ingolstadt. ("The Trail of the Serpent", Hawthorne, 1936, p. 68) He was educated in a Jesuit monastery and studied law, literature, and atheist philosophy. In 1773 the 25 year old Weishaupt left the Jesuit Order. This may have been bvecome he had developed his independent ideology, but the subsquent dissolution of the Jesuit Order in 173 by Pope Clemetn XIV may also have been a factor. The Jesuit Order in France, Spain, Portugal, Naples and Austria was dissolved. A few years later, Weishaupt's

"Perfektabilist" Order began to work against the Roman Catholic Church. In 1814, however, the Jesuit Order was reestablished and through new infiltrations became more powerful than ever before.

In 1775, Professor Weishaupt became a member of the lodge THeodor zum guten Rat within eclectic freemasonry. Later, Weishaupt was to use this foothold in Munich to allow his Illuminati to infiltrate all the other Masonic lodges, due to the fact that he wielded great influence over the ldoge through its Grand Master, Professor Franz Benedict (Xaver) von Baader, who had joined the Illuminati.

It was Baron Adolf von Knigge (born 16th October 1752 in Bredenbeck, die 6th May 1796 in Bremen), Adam Weishaupt's closest collaborator, who later helped him to gain entrance to different Masonic organizations. (Pat Brooks, "The Return of the Puritans", North Carolina, 1976, p. 68-69.) In 1777, he received the highest degree of the Knights Templar (Knight of Cyprus) in Hanau. The 27-year-old Knigge joined the Illuminati in Frankfurt in 1780 under the alias of Philo (the original Philo was a Jewish scholar.)

The Illuminati began to work especially actively after the entrance of Adolf von Knigge in July 1779. Baron von Knigge also wrote the book "Concerning Association with People". He brought together many powerful men.

It was largely thanks to Philo that the organization spread through the whole of Germany. Both financial and sexual favors were used to gain control of people in high places.

In time, the Illuminati won control of every Masonic order in the world. Important financiers joined the organization: Speyer, Schuster, Stern and others. The Jews had therefore gained a very powerful position. Their base of operations was Frankfurt am Main.

The Jesuits had taught Weishaupt much, not least their doubtful morals. He encouraged his closest collaborators to use the lie as a tool and to avoid giving the public any true explanations. The leaders of the Illuminati saw to it that their most dangerous opponents and others who might be a threat to the Order were poisoned. (Gerald B. Winrod, "Adam Weishaupt - A Human Devil.")

Weishaupt got his wife's sister pregnant and, not being able to pay 50 marks for an illegal operation, he unsuccessfully tried to bring about an abortion by the use of drugs. A boy was born on the 30th of January 1784. Later, Weishaupt suddenly became rich...

In 1777, the Illuminati began to cooperate with all the Masonic lodges (especially the Grand Orient) in order to infiltrate them. The Duke of Brunswick, Grand Master of Germany, said in 1794 that the Masonic lodges were controlled by the Illuminati. When Weishaupt became a member of the Grand Orient, the lodge was backed financially by Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812), according to the British historian Nesta Webster.

Bernard Lazar, a well-known Jewish author, wrote in his "L'Antisemitisme" in 1894, that exclusively Cabbalist Jews surrounded Weishaupt. Confiscated documents show that of 39 Illuminati holding lesser leading positions, 17 were Jews (i.e., 40%.) The higher one looked in the ranks, the larger was the percentage of Jews. Even the fact that the Illuminati headquarters in Ingolstadt were later converted into a synagogue was symbolic of this conspiracy. Lazar stated that all these Jews became the agents of revolution because they had "revolutionary souls."

There were four especially important Jews in the Illuminati leadership. Hartwig (Napthali Herz) Wessely, MOses Mendelssohn, the banker Dnaiel von Itzig (1723-1799) and the businessman David Friedlander (La Vielle France, 31st of March, 1921.)

All of the initiated had taken a voew to "eternal silence and undeviating loyalty and total submission to the Order." Each member had to promise "I pledge to count what is best for the Order as my own best. I am ready to serve it with my personal fortune, my honour and my blood... the friends and enemies of the Order shall also become my friends and enemies..."

Lastly, each new member was warned: "If you are a traitor and a perjurer, then know that the brothers shall take up arms against you. Do not hope to flee or to find a place to hide. Wheerever you are, shame, contempt and the wrath of the brothers shall pursue and torment you to your innermost entrails."

Most members were led to believe that the lower degrees of mystery they had reached were the highest. Few members had been informed about the true purpose of the Order.

The Illuminati's codex was presented in Masonic terms and prescribed lies, treachery, violence, torture and murder in order to reach all its goals. Many members believed themselves to be working for an improvement of the world. They never guessed that Weishaupt's true purpose was to establish Novus Ordo Seclorum, a global program for world domination.

The Protestant princes and rulers in Germany were well disposed to Weishaupt's official plan to destroy the Catholic Church and they sought membership in his Order. Through these men Weishaupt gained control over the Masonic Orders, into which hhe and his other Jewish cronies were initiated in 1777. To prevent the rulers from understanding the true aims of the Illuminati, he forestalled their contact with the higher degrees.

During the year following its founding, the Order was spread exclusively through southern Bavaria. Later, it gained a foothold also in Frankfurt am Main, Eichstadt and other cities, according to "Vagledning for frimurare" / "Guidance for Freemasons", Stockhgolm, 1906, p. 166.

Officially the Illuminati were supposed to spread virtue and wisdom, which was to subdue evil and stupidity. They wanted to make great discoveries in all branches of science. The Illuminati were to be cultivated into noble, eminent people, according to "Guidance for Freemasons."

...Adam Weishaupt began to work especially closely with the Jewish Masonic leader Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786). Mendelssohn became, so to speak, Weishaupt's invisible guide. Moses Mendelssoh was officialy known by the Jews as a poor writer who became one of Germany's foremost philosophers during the "age of enlightenment". He called himself a philosopher and a cultural personality. Officially, Mendelssohn's aim was to "modernize" Judaism so that the public might accept the Jews when they ostensibly gave up Talmudism and "assimilated" to Western culture. The Illuminatus Mirabeau wrote a book in 1787 about Moses Mendelssohn's political "reforms" to spread even more fantastical myths about him. In secret, however, Mendelssohn encouraged the Jews to faithfully keep their beliefs of their fathers. He led the Illuminati in Berlin.

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