Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Judah, not Israel

Around 500 BC, the territory of modern Palestine was briefly occupied by the nations of Judah and Israel. It is from this point in history that the modern Israel claims its justification to exist. Like all Zionist claims, this is built on a lie.

The twin states of Israel and Judah were not the allies which Zionists claim them to be. The two nations were very different to one another. The Northern nation of Israel was the home of the 'children of Israel'. These people had a universal outlook to the world, having an attitude of tolerance and cooperation. In contrast, the Southern nation of Judah was the home of the tribes of Benjamin and Judah. This nation was controlled by the Levite Priest caste, who invented the cult of self-worship and inbreeding which went on to characterise the Pharisaic religion and political Zionism.

For a 50 year period, the nations of Israel and Judah had an alliance, commencing under the Israelite ruler, Saul. However this broke down as a result of the evil blood sacrifices of the Judahites. The Israelites rejected this Satanic abomination and the rule of the Levites. The enlightened Israelites eventually migrated westward into Europe and merged with the Europeans. The racist, supremacist Judahites were expelled from the region after alienating all their neighbours. They then compiled a tissue of lies to justify their vicious dogma. This became known as the Talmud.

The modern nation of Israel should really be labelled the nation of Judah, as the Israelites are in no way a part of it. The Judahites have a very tenuous claim to a very brief period of history when they inhabited a fraction of the land. The Zionist claim to the land between the Euphrates and the Tigris is a bare-faced shameful lie. The monsters who are currently massacring the Palestinians have no moral, historical, or spiritual justification for being in that land. They are the descendants of nomads from east of the area. They hide behind the noble name Israel to hide the fact that they are Judahites who have stolen, lied, raped and murdered to gain power over those who accept the lie of them being 'Chosen' by God.

Israel is a state built on lies. even the name is a lie. Such is the nature of Zionism.

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