Monday, October 6, 2008

Understanding Our Enemies - Use of Guilt Complex & Keeping Whites on the Defensive

Good speech on the modus operandi of the enemy. What's the solution to our predicament? Destroy their guilt complex, and then go on the OFFENSIVE.

Understanding Our Enemies

The U.S. Government and News Media Are Waging a Propaganda War Against White Americans

By Dr. William Pierce


The criminals in the government and in the media who have been lying to us and taking advantage of us and wrecking our society for so long now are desperate to keep normal, decent, working White men and women morally disarmed, to keep us on the defensive, to keep us feeling guilty and confused, because they know that if we ever begin thinking clearly, if we ever take stock of our situation, if we ever decide to straighten out the mess they've made of things, there will be hell to pay. They know that if White Americans ever wake up and get their act together, most of the media bosses and the politicians won't live more than a day or two before they're hunted down and dealt with.


The majority of our people have let themselves be convinced that a normal, healthy, instinctive racial attitude -- the desire to live and work and play and mate with one's own kind, what our enemies call "racism" -- is wicked. Our enemies call this healthy, natural racial attitude a "sickness." They have been able to make many of us feel guilty for having such an attitude, much like the prudes of a century ago were able to make many people feel guilty for having a normal, healthy interest in the opposite sex.

So we can understand the motives of the elements who are destroying America and destroying our people, the motives of the filthy creatures who are deliberately sapping the will of our people to resist this destruction by pumping poisonous propaganda into our minds. We can understand their motives. They want to live too, but their way of life is to suck our life blood, to cling like leeches to our society and warp it to fit their needs, and they know that they can only do this by keeping us confused and morally debilitated. They know that if we become morally healthy again, they will die. We can understand that.

We can even understand how they accomplish their destructive work. We can understand both the organizational aspects and the psychological aspects. It's easy enough to understand why the controlled media are so ferociously determined to keep the flood of Third World immigrants pouring across our borders, why they become hysterical whenever anyone suggests restricting immigration, and why the government refuses to do more than make the flimsiest pretext of guarding our borders.


In addition to convincing us that any discussion of the real issues we are facing would be bad manners, our enemies have made good use of the psychological trick of pretending to be weak and helpless, because they have discovered that we have a trait, apparently unique among the races of man, of feeling sorry for those who are helpless. When we are confronted with an obviously dangerous and aggressive enemy, who scowls and threatens as he advances toward us with a weapon, we know what to do. But if that same enemy shuffles toward us with his eyes averted and his hat in his hands, begging for a little welfare, we feel guilty for even thinking about chasing him away or killing him, no matter how strongly we would like to avoid his company.

Try that trick in Africa or Asia, and it will get you killed in a hurry, but in Europe and North America it works. Some of us are so overwhelmed with feelings of racial guilt, after being pumped full of propaganda about how our ancestors mistreated the defenseless Brown man, and the helpless Black man, and the poor, inoffensive Jew, that we have become moral basket cases and can't defend ourselves today, even when we can see all around us the depredations that non-Whites are making against our people.

And so now we can understand the reason for all of the headlines in the controlled media about "hate crimes" by White skinheads against poor, inoffensive non-Whites in our cities today and for all of the Hollywood films about the way the wicked White settlers abused the unsuspecting and unresisting Indians a century ago. Now we can understand why they invent White racist conspiracies to burn down Black churches.

They play on our reluctance to give offense, on our inability to resist an aggressor who pretends to be helpless, and on the ease with which we can be morally paralyzed by artificially induced feelings of guilt. These are powerful weapons they use against us. They use them with diabolical skill. All of us have felt the powerful temptation, even when we understood what they were doing to us, just to be nice, not to resist, not to oppose them.

What they are doing to us is almost hypnotic. "It is so easy for you to remain asleep," they tell us. "It is so easy just to let us have our way," their propaganda tells us. "It is so easy just to let your people die, let your civilization fall into ruin, let us have it all. No one will blame you for that," they smile. "That's the polite way. Don't resist us. Just let us have it all. That's the way to soothe your guilt. That's the way to avoid criticism. That's the easy way." Over and over and over again, that's their message for us: "Don't resist." And then more guilt-inducing stories about the Jewish "Holocaust," about burning Black churches, and about White terrorists -- and then heartwarming stories about struggling Third World immigrants working hard to achieve the American dream. Over and over.

Yes, we understand these tactics of our enemies. Understanding them is not the same as overcoming them, of course. But understanding is a necessary first step. What we must do after we have wiped the sleep from our eyes and flushed our enemies' poisonous propaganda from our minds is reestablish contact with our instinct, with our inner wisdom. That wisdom will tell us that the guilt we feel because our ancestors did what they thought was necessary to protect our people, to gain new living space for us, and to build the civilization that we inherited from them -- that is false guilt.

One does not become guilty for doing anything which is necessary or helpful for the survival or progress of one's people in this competitive and unforgiving world. Guilt comes from failing to accept the responsibility we have to our own people. Guilt comes from letting ourselves be deceived by our enemies. Guilt comes from losing the struggle for survival."

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