Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slavery is Jewish

White people are forever being told that we are guilty of exploiting Africans. We are told that we are to blame for the famines which have plagued Africa since the European powers left. We are blamed for the slave trade. In reality, ordinary Whites were as much victims of the Slavery as were Blacks, and the root of African hunger lies squarely at the foot of Jewish supremacists.

The Slave Trade has been used to beat Europeans down and to foster resentment in Africans. However, the Transatlantic African Slave Trade was a late development of exploitation which followed centuries of exploitation of White Europeans.

The English Empire (which predates the nation of Great Britain) was built on maritime power. Likewise was the Spanish Empire. The privateers who robbed and murdered on the high seas have been portrayed as European rogues. However in truth, many of the most bloodthirsty pirates were Jews. As the Imperial nations developed, the pirate bands were formed into navies. The Royal Navy of England was nothing more than a formalised organisation of pirate criminals. Famous pirates such as Francis Drake have been focused upon as 'gentlemen of the sea'. For the innocent Englishmen who were press-ganged into serving the Crown these tyrants were nothing like gentlemen.

The gang masters were overwhelmingly Jewish. Ordinary Christian Europeans were kidnapped, beaten and forced into slavery for the Jewish rulers of England. The suffering of many was so extreme that death was a welcome release. Eventually the widespread brutality caused civil unrest on a scale which could not be ignored. This spurred the press-gangers to look elsewhere. First to suffer were the ordinary people of Ireland who were brutalised by the mass murderer Oliver Cromwell. Then came Africa.

When Jewish Slave Traders went into Africa, contrary to the myth of Europeans dragging Blacks out of their mud huts, they bought the Slaves from African Slave owners. The idea that Blacks were kidnapped, as popularised in the propaganda film Roots, is a lie. Slavery had been established in Africa for millenia and was not a European import.

Officially, the Slave Trade was abolished in the early nineteenth century. In reality it was universalised with the Jewish rulers becoming owners of the Goyim through the taxation system, and the twin evils of Finance-Capitalism and State-Socialism. Now more than ever, all non-Jews are in the pockets of the Zionist elite. Europeans have always been, and remain, victims of Jewish materialism.

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