Friday, October 17, 2008


Political Prisoner Horst Mahler has cited the traditional German fairytale (written down by the Brothers Grimm) of Rumpelstilzchen as appropriate to the situation in the world today. The fact that this fairytale is part of ancient European folk history underlines just how long the Jews have been undermining the economy and culture of the European homeland, and why they are so intent in silencing all criticism...

"Rumpelstilzchen" was significant and relevant for Germany as well as the whole world. If we call the Jews by name and expose the misdeeds that they have been committing for thousands of years, they can be exposed and intercepted. Then they would be unable to continue robbing, gouging and plundering the world because no one would deal with them.

"Who would voluntarily submit to being robbed?" asked Mahler. "This is precisely the message that we get from the story of Rumpelstilzchen!"

The evil gnome Rumperstilzchen had always succeeded in keeping his name secret from the public because if his name were known, he would lose his power. Rumpelstilzchen exuberantly danced around the fire shouting "Ach wie gut daß niemand weiß, daß ich Rumpelstilzchen heiß"! (What a wonderful thing that nobody knows my name is Rumpelstiltskin!) But then along came someone who simply called out his name. Rumpelstilzchen was exposed and that was the end of him. He "exploded" in helpless rage and disappeared, never to be seen again.

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