Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jewish destruction of Education.

In Cyprus, between 115 and 116 AD, Artemion was the key figure in a series of atrocities, known as the Kitos War in which 240,000 Greek and Roman civilians were massacred. Cyprus was chosen because the island had no standing military protection, thus it was an easy target for the cowardly bloodletting. Artemion was a Hellenised name used to disguise the real Jewish identity of the terrorist leader. After order was restored, a law was passed forbidding any Jew to set foot on Cyprus, including those who were shipwrecked. This was documented by respected Roman historian, Tacitus.

In contrast to the learned work of Tacitus, the Talmud delivers mostly undocumented material such as the story of the Romans siege of the fortress of Bar Kokhba. In true Talmudic style, departing from reality, it was claim that 40,000,000 Jews were killed. The entire Jewish population of the world at that time didn't number even 10% of that figure. This method of pushing impossible lies has always been a part of the Jewish way of presenting world events and controlling the Jewish people. It was, and should always be, alien to non-Jews.

Throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty first, the traditional method of education in Europe and kindred lands has been systematically undermined, to the point where it would now be wrong to use the term 'education'. European education was first class and respected throughout the world. Tacitus was but one of many of the figures of classical antiquity who was studied in schools throughout the European world. The very minimum standard of education required an understanding of classical Greek and Latin. It was rightly understood that a knowledge of our cultural forbears was vital in appreciating our own place in the world. That was until the 'progressive' education system came into being.

Progressive Education has as its central tenet the belief that the child learns exclusively from its environment - nurture is everything, nature is nothing. To the Progressives, cultural history is an irrelevance. This essentially breaks the child away from his/her parents and society. That of course is the idea. It is one of the greatest crimes of recent history that the Talmudic system of unquestioningly accepting information given by educational 'elders' has replaced the analytical approach of Europeans throughout the ages. Europeans by instinct question everything - that is how we learn to UNDERSTAND the reasons for events, our method of learning goes beyond spoon-fed 'facts'. This is a threat to the Jewish masters who demand obedience and mindless acceptance of provable heinous lies. Those who are protected by an uncorrupted European education, can do no other than deride outrageous lies such as the highly profitable Holocaust fable. Only those who have been mentally abused by the anti-education system can leave such lies unchallenged, let alone accept them as truth.

Protocol IX demands the complete reorganisation of education into a system for the indoctrination of the Goyim to accept the Jews as their rightful masters. Is this not what we have today? The destruction of education is so complete that the obvious fulfillment of the Protocols of Zion is seldom acknowledged, and when it is, the stock reaction is to bleat about how the Protocols are an anti-Semitic forgery!

We are in the dire position we find ourselves today thanks to the Jewish Progressives who subverted our education system. modern schools are amongst the worst of the poisons being used against our children. In place of encouragement to research for ourselves, we have enforced mindless acceptance. In place of Freedom, we have Slavery. In place of Tacitus, we have the Talmud. As long as this situation continues our future is bleak indeed.

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