Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feminism from two angles.

Feminism is one of the great Zionist lies which has been used to beat Europeans into submission. By pitting men against women in an un-natural fight, the self-chosen rulers of our oppressed lands have undermined our cohesion and gained the upper hand over the indigenous peoples. Here are some interesting takes on the impact of Feminism in the USA. They could be applied to anywhere.

The following statement was made by a gentleman who goes by the name of Rabbi Swindleberg. If you’re reading this good Rebbe, get in touch!

"Fighting for equal rights and fighting to take control are two different things. The man hatred is not productive and is designed to destroy the family. That is my only point.For me to fight with women over this is exactly what the intent is. I will not indulge the wishes of the designers of feminism by doing this with you ladies.

This is not attack on women. Let’s get that straight. It is an attack on a movement that was designed to destroy the traditional family. Since you see no need for the traditional family then the movement is fine. I ask you one thing. With society being healthier by every indicator in 1950s America compared to now what did the entire counter culture movement achieve?
We can think of society as concentric circles of strong bonds. Feminists have weakened the foundational bond of the family. After that the other circles decay.
I love women and their creative loving spirit. I am in no way advocating taking anything from them.

The spirit of the feminist movement is noble but you must always be suspicious of these movements with grandiose goals such as world peace and feeding the poor. What were the motives of these women? Most of them were Jewish Marxists and as we know one of the later goals of international Marxism was to destroy the family. Turn the man against the woman, the woman against the man, the children against the parents. The state is the true authority under this system, no other hierarchy is recognized by this system. We must remember that the traditional family structure created the environment that gave us our original Constitutional Republic.

The reality is that self population control is already being practiced by those with the cognitive ability to plan ahead for families. This self control is only exhibited by the upper IQ members of the population. Although eugenics is professed to be bad in certain respects it makes more sense than the dysgenics being practiced now. We have swung the pendulum to the other extreme from eugenics to dysgenics.

I believe in Equality of the sexes but if you investigate the feminist movement closer it was designed to tear the family apart. Remember, most of these radical movements stem from the Marxist ideology of deepening natural divisions in society to break it apart. I in no way see women as objects for lust and reproduction, but productive members of society that should be cherished is a Jewish link that celebrates the pivotal roles that Jews played in this family destroying movement. I invite everyone to explore this site and other sources to get the kosher feel for this destructive movement."


The following was written by a comrade from the USA who uses the non de plume ‘Not One of Them’. This lady (in every sense) was hounded by the liberal bigots to such an extent that she has ceased posting on the net. This is a real shame. Here is what she wrote about her personal experience of the anti-feminine Zionist weapon which goes by the misnomer, “Feminism”:

"I remember the movement. The effects before, during and after. It wasn't feminine-ist, women became rather 'butch', and it was not always a good thing because it was used like a truncheon. The 'handlers' consistently fed us messages we were weak, victims, powerless and we should be angry. On the other hand they pushed the 'open' relationship.Have lots of sex. Sex this, sex that...but be angry and insistent. Always angry. Always Horney. Always insistent. That's what I saw the movement 'give us'. But anger is not the best fuel on which to run a career. Or a personal life.

The press had a field day, CIA op Gloria Steinem' Ms. magazine was CIA funded. CIA op scripted Freidan. It was all a ploy to get women into the workplace so the elite could collect income taxes. We were told we were being 'used', we became 'used.'Over a number of years I saw women become reactive, overly-competitive, even with each other, combative, and some cases conniving. It was sometimes to beat a man out of a job. The equal opportunities thing was ridiculous, merit meant nothing, and gender meant everything. Not good.Just winning. Some lost their jobs because of it.

I, for one, believed some of it, but could never come up with a clear answer why I felt I was marginalized. I gave up ranting about it. I really had it made. I got great jobs, good pay I never asked for, didn't sleep with the boss, never lost a job, in fact I was approached, got better jobs and more pay without asking for it. I have friends who had the same experiences. We weren't feminists.

I get the impression a lot of the angry ‘feminists’ are strong and successful. I doubt it's because the typical feminist has been a victim or that it was a 'right' granted to her. She already had it. She is not a group.

There was a strange thing I began to notice in the late 50's, if a woman submitted an article, recipe, made comments to the media, or was on the society page and if she were married she was Mrs. so-and-so. I thought it was just a policy. It wasn't. Women liked it. It only stopped when the victim/right thing began.

Divorce skyrocketed. splitting the family.Please don't box yourself into a tight corner, a group. One can never know the flaws a group has and you are 'labelled' whether you like it or not. Keep your own identify, no one can grant rights to you, you go claim them because they are already yours - by being focused, committed, intelligent, educated (no matter what level), a great work ethic and skills in forming business relations. Just be so damn incredible they can't say no.

My male boss offered to send me to law school...I turned it down but it was great to have that happen. I hope you won’t think me a bossy old woman. I just believe in getting a job you absolutely love and settling in. You will be amazed how people will single you out. You'll be successful. Just have to have patience.

Modern Feminists assume that all women were angry about the traditional family structure. That is just as much of a sweeping generalization as saying they were all happy. My point is what freedoms were these terribly oppressed women not allowed to have? As I said, in the 1950s and 1960s women could vote go to university or raise a family the choice was theirs and constitutionally secured. You see the division going on here. Blame the evil white man for something he wasn’t even doing!

I believe if a great guy wants to take care of a woman that is a powerful statement about her."


As you will have read, whether seen from a male or female perspective, the false dogma of Feminism is nothing less than a tool to destroy the family and enslave women. Its roots are kosher through and through. Do you want your nation turning into a dysgenic androgynous cess pool? Or do you want a society built on family values and morality? Feminism is a key factor in the destruction of European culture across the globe regardless of location. Europeans in California, North Carolina, Argentina, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Great Britain or wherever, are under threat from this divisive Judaic tool.

In Israel, Orthodox Jews are rebelling against this poison which has spread into the trendy liberal areas of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa etc, by attacking women who dress immodestly! The women are only responding to the Zionist Feminist propaganda that treats women as pieces of meat, worthy only of using for sex – as indeed are the feminised men. The Orthodox hit squads are reacting to a weapon of their own creation which is now impacting upon Jewesses as much as gentile women. It is in everyone’s interest that this vile dogma be exposed and dealt with.

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