Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Poor little Anna

In March 1945, Annelies Frank died in the Bergen-Belsen KL. She died of typhus which she had contracted as a direct consequence of the allied terrorist bombings against Germany. These murderous air-raids were designed to destroy the infrastructure of Germany and cause as many German civilians to die of sickness and hunger as possible. The fire bombings of Dresden, Hamburg and other places where people were burned to death was also a favourite tactic of the insane commanders of the allied forces. The death toll of German civilians ran into the millions, yet for the conditioned masses, the suffering of one little girl is all that concerns them.

The story of Anne Frank's 'diary' is presented as a historical fact. Anyone who questions the story is accused of the usual crime of being an anti-Semite. This ignores the fact that Frank wasn't an Arab or Sephardi Jew, so the anti-Semite label is nonsensical. It also ignores a whole range of nonsenses tied up in the story.

Anne Franks 'diary' was written over a protracted period by different authors. In the main, the 'diary' was penned by Anne's father, Otto Frank. The story contains propaganda which the family living in Amsterdam would not have had access to. The story is full of ludicrous passages, such as incidents where the family partied loudly, even though for the purpose of the story, the people in the attic had to be silent to evade detection by the Gestapo. The story is full of inconsistencies and contradictions. In Amsterdam the Anne Frank House is a tourist attraction where people have to pay to go around the alleged hiding place. Looking from the street at the house, one cannot fail to note how implausible the story of the singing hiders is.

For a detailed account of the fraudulent diary see:

The fake diary is of no literary merit and should have been consigned to the dustbin of history for the propaganda fraud it is. However, the lie continues to be pushed, in book form, in theatre and as a film. Why? Simply to keep the Goyim in a state of guilt for not saving the poor innocent harmless Jews who died in the Second World War. The total number of Jews who died of any reason, including those who fought in the German army, is less than the number of civilians murdered in one terror raid in Dresden. The Zionist lie machine has fleeced Germans and other Goyim for over 60 years for non-existent crimes. The very real crimes of Israel go ignored and are even justified in the light of the lying propaganda about Jewish suffering.

As advertised in the picture above, British school-children are being encouraged to see the Anne Frank film in order to instill guilt in another generation. This is mind control, pure and simple. The Zionist goal is to manipulate everyone, including a great many Jews, in order for them to gain unchallenged mastery of the world. The Anne Frank story is just a part of their psychological warfare arsenal. It is vital that we educate our children about the Anne Frank lie and not let the Zionist mafia corrupt their minds with their vile lies. This, and other lies, need exposing and neutralising.

It is time to stop rolling over and putting up with this assault on our people. The Anne Frank lie not only is character assassination of the German people in the Second World War, but is used to instill self-loathing and guilt in all Europeans and those of European descent.

For people in the Manchester area, the showing of the Anne Frank fantasy film presents the opportunity to let these liars know what decent people think of their sick attempts to destroy the minds of future generations. For people in other areas, there are bound to be similar screenings to protest against. The Internet is a good source for downloadable material which could be given to people who feel so ashamed of being non-Jewish that they will belittle themselves by going to these screenings. The Zionists and their lackeys will call you an anti-Semite, but what does that matter if (even just for a day) their attempts to corrupt more of our people are thwarted? Victory over the Zionist enemy comes with action...

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