Thursday, September 11, 2008


Originally, this topic was posted on Up until the point that we decided to discuss taboo issues, Alex Jones' site ran smoothly. As soon as the 'Z word' was mentioned, his site began to operate sluggishly, eventually becoming for all practical purposes, unworkable. We have decided, on the seventh anniversary of the Zionist attack on New York, to create this blog so that we may continue to expose the Zionist enemies of humanity who label any defence of the White Race as racist and evil. The following statement sparked the demise of the entire site! Judge for yourself whether there is anything racist or offensive about this statement...

European people have been made to feel guilty for their very existence due to a perversion of history. Europeans across the globe are taught in schools, colleges and universities that they created the Slave Trade, murdered 6,000,000 Jews during the Second World War, that they are racist haters who believe they are superior to all non-whites. This politically correct history has inculcated a feeling of guilt and self-loathing in people with European ancestry.

Propaganda has been substituted for education. It is only right that those behind the defamation of our people be exposed. People of European extraction have every right to take pride in their history and culture, just as have Africans, Asians etc. European Racial Self-loathing is a tool of the New World Order. Only by realising their true value and taking pride in themselves and their forefathers can Europeans become effective in attacking the New World Order.
The rootless cosmopolitans behind the internationalist anti-cultural NWO intend to destroy all nations, cultures and races. It is imperative that we remain strong and independent. This is not racist, chauvanistic or supremacist - it is vital for the survival of all those who oppose the NWO, regardless of origin..

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