Friday, September 19, 2008

Human Soap and other lies

Zionists have used deception and outright lies to further their aims for as long as Zionism has existed. We could go back into Biblical history to see documented evidence of Jews defaming those they wish to destroy. The foundation of the Jewish religion is based on lying to non-Jews – The Kol Nidre, which every Jew must recite at Yom Kippur, allows Jews to lie with impunity, nullifying all vows in advance for the coming year. Perhaps pathological lying is part of the Jewish psyche.

The Zionist lie machine was put into force in a major way during the First World War. Germany in 1917 had won the War. Great Britain was on the brink of starvation due to the successful naval blockade, the French army had mutinied, the Russian Front had all but collapsed, and the Western Front was in disarray. Germany offered to end the war in a truly gentlemanly manner. The German Government proposed an agreement to go back to conditions at the start of the war, with neither side gaining or losing. It was an offer that was very nearly accepted, and would have been had the Zionist movement not intervened.

The Zionists promised the British that they would get the USA to join the war on the British side. They asked in return for the British to give Palestine to the Jews. The fact that Palestine belonged to the millions of Palestinians who lived there was of no concern to the Zionists or to the rulers of Britain. At the time, Americans had no interest in fighting in Europe, so a wave of propaganda had to be created to so enrage the American public that they would rush in to attack the Germans.

An article typical of the anti-German propaganda during the First World War appeared in The Times (London), April 17th April, 1917. The article, which contains lies about the Germans turning human flesh into soap, describes the process in the following manner:

“The bodies are transported on this endless chain into a long, narrow compartment, where they pass through a bath which disinfects them. They then go through a drying chamber, and finally are automatically carried into a digester or great cauldron, in which they are dropped by an apparatus which detaches them from the chain. In the digester they remain from six to eight hours, and are treated by steam, which breaks them up while they are slowly stirred by the machinery…From this treatment result several products. The fats are broken up into stearin, a form of tallow, and oils, which require to be re-distilled before they can be used. The process of distillation is carried out by boiling the oil with carbonate of soda, and some of the by-products resulting from this are used by German soap makers. The oil distillery and refinery lie in the south-eastern corner of the works. The refined oil is sent out in small casks like those used for petroleum, and is of yellowish brown colour.”

This lie was again used in the Second World War, specifically concerning the bodies of dead Jews in the internment camps. A bar of this holy soap was even displayed in Yad Vashem – of course it was just ordinary soap, the whole story was a lie in both wars.
Alongside stories of the ‘Beastly Bosh’ turning people into soap, the lie-mongers spread stories of German soldiers raping and murdering women of all ages (from very young children to very old pensioners). In the Second World War these atrocities became a reality, although it was Russian and African-American soldiers, violating and murdering Germans with wholehearted Zionist encouragement, these real crimes were ignored. On the rare occasions when these atrocities were admitted, they were treated as justice for the suffering inflicted on the Jews!

Another First World War fable was of German’s bayoneting babies and cutting the hands off children. These, and other disgraceful lies, were designed to make the Americans despise the Germans so that they would fight in Europe. The stories worked so well that when the same liars began peddling their evil stories in the Second World War, the brain-washed people of Great Britain and America swallowed them up. Even today the Germans are seen by many TV-educated people as barbarians who, given the opportunity, would commit all manner of crimes against helpless civilians.

The stated aim of the Zionist movement during the First World War was the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. They secured the Balfour Declaration at the cost of defaming an entire nation, causing the needless deaths of virtually an entire generation of British men and thousands of Americans and Europeans. This paved the way for the destruction of Palestine, the alienation of the betrayed Arabs who had formerly been great allies to the British and ultimately for the revival of militant Islam.

Zionism is an evil that destroys everything it touches. The lies of the Zionist movement in the First World War sowed the seeds for the Second World War and the current series of Wars, which may be the beginning of the Third World War. They have cost the lives of many millions and destroyed entire cultures. Zionism is a sickness which when left untreated is terminal. The choice is simple – let the host die, or deal with the parasite once and for all.

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