Monday, September 29, 2008

Defense of ruling Jewish Establishment amounts to hysterical and childish name-calling -- and then censorship, of course

Check out this video where British MP George Galloway smears a caller as a "racist" for identifying neo-conservatism as a Jewish-lead movement. Galloway then says the caller is banned from the show.

British MP George Galloway Cuts off Caller for Telling the Truth about Jewish Neocons

This reminds me of a similar incident on the Alex Jones show about a week ago. A man called into the show and made two points: 1) that Freemasonry was a Jewish-directed movement (quoting a statement by rabbi Isaac Wise) and 2)generally that the NWO conspiracy is a Jewish-lead agenda. Upon seeing that the man is "naming the Jew", Alex immediately goes into attack and defense mode, and interrupts the caller to attack him. He later lets the caller make a few more statements, and following that spends the next 5-10 minutes giving reasons why he avoids the Jewish Issue. Jones, of course, contended that "people from all races are involved in and leading the NWO." And he specifically stated that it is "bigoted" and "hateful" to focus primarily on the Jewish responsibility.

So, if you boil it down, the primary defense to "naming the Jew" are hysterical, desperate, and childish name-calling and smear tactics -- eg, calling one a "hater", "bigot", "racist", "anti-Semite", etc -- and then the censorship/silencing of those views.

It is ironic that in the above situation Alex Jones stated that he is dedicated to the truth above all, and "will go wherever the truth takes him." So, for example, it is not "bigoted" or "hateful" to say that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, or that there was an Italian mafia. So why is it "racist", "evil", or "hateful" to identify Jewish involvement in criminality? Why is there such a taboo that Jews are virtually above all criticism or opposition?

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