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Come Join us on the new Free Speech Forum!

This blog is dedicated to exposing the lies of the Zionist mafia.  The time has come to broaden our attacks, and to engage more closely with like-minded people.

In the interest of opening up debate, we now have a forum which is totally uncensored, and open for everyone to use.  We invite everyone to join us.  Discussion is open for all issues which are of importance to you.  The forum is open to discuss anything and everything.  That may be Economics, Spiritual and Esoteric matters, Politics, History, Authority, or whatever you wish to discuss.  If you wish to write about cultural matters or whatever is important top you, this is your place.  Entertainment and inspiration are an important part of life.  The forum doesn't have to be a place for sterile conventional debate - far from it.  We look forward to debating with you and sharing information/ideas.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The little Bad Wolf threatens its neighbours

We are constantly told of the threat of war in the Middle East. From stories of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq to Iranian use of enriched Uranium for nuclear weapons, we are told on a near daily basis that the evil tyrants in the region are itching to arm themselves with the most horrendous weaponry available. Article HERE

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anti-racism is racism against Whites

Anti-Racism is a key weapon of our Zionist enemies. Love of one's own people does not mean hatred of others. Indeed, protection of your own family is a natural instinct. I love my family; that doesn't mean I hate everyone else's family!.......Article HERE

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nationalist Movements controlled by Zionists

One of the greatest lies of the Zionist propaganda machine is that the people of Europe are out to get 'the Jews'. In a staggering example of chutzpah, Zionists have created an organisation called the English Defence League. Members of this organisation are football hooligans and other underclass scum. They have no political direction save what their Zionist handlers give them.

The EDL are a perfect example of controlled opposition. Where they differ from other contrived 'nationalist' groupings is that they officially support Israel and condemn 'anti-Semitism', by which they mean, criticism of the Rothschilds, Talmudic Judaism or anything connected to Israel.

The EDL are simpletons who oppose Islam without any knowledge of the religion except that which the Establishment media give them. For example, these 'Defenders of Englishness' promote homosexuality and promiscuity, as if that is something to be proud of! These imbeciles are an embarrassment to England and indeed to the world.

For an excellent article exposing these buffoons, click HERE.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bishop Richard Williamson - 'Official' 9/11 story is a fraud - Twin Towers brought down with explosives


BISHOP WILLIAMSON: "Ruling us today it's not a party as brutal, as openly brutal as the Stalinists of Russia was. It's not yet a police state imposing upon us to say that two and two are five. But the police state, of course, every single one of you know, is certainly closing in, both here and in the United States for sure and certain. The police state took a great leap forward with 9-11. That's for certain.

And I hope that none of you believe that 9-11 is what it was presented to be. It was, of course, the two towers came down. But it was absolutely, for certain, not two airplanes which brought down those two towers. They were professionally demolished by a series of demolition charges from the top to the bottom of the towers. If you doubt that, look up on the internet ""

I mention may find I do mention this in sermon. Why do I keep mentioning this in sermons? Because truth is at stake. Because if the towers fell down by two airplanes, then the Party is virtually in control. The party governs the people's minds. The party can push over all kinds of propaganda and lies, in it's media. And if the people swallow the lies, they will be enslaved.

Our Lord said the truth will make you free. The corollary it that lies will enslave you. At the moment, the whole world is being told the media, by the government, by the politicians, by the universities, by the teachers -- and the worst of all, by the highest authorities in the Church.

We are being enslaved by lies. And the most outstanding global lie of recent times to enslave the minds of all of us -- or to deceive the minds, and thereby enslave us by making us all believe that the police state is a good thing, and a necessary thing, which is why the police state has advanced by leaps and bounds, as it has -- is 9/11. And that's a classic example of an enslaving lie. Two and two are five. Those towers were brought down by two airplanes, and it was an airplane which struck the Pentagon. That's totally impossible....that an airplane struck the Pentagon. A commercial airplane has a very soft nose. You don't have a nose of titanium or steel. That's not what an airplane could fly with. If you tried taking off with that, it would nose-dive immediately after it lifted off the airport, if it had such a heavy nose. The nose of a commercial aircraft is very soft. It's just a little aluminum covering...the radar of the plane is usually under the nose. The nose is very soft.

Whatever hit the Pentagon went through six, punched it's way through six of the ten 18" stone walls between outside the Pentagon and its inner courtyard. There are five rings of buildings, each of them with an outer and inner wall, and whatever hit the Pentagon went through six of those ten walls before it came to a stop. The photographic evidence was clear as it could be. The newspapers, of course, did not publish those photographs, but they do exist.

Then, it can only have been a guided missile which struck the Pentagon, and only guided missiles have a tough nose, titanium and steel, with an explosive charge, of two charges -- one charge to penetrate the wall...and then the second charge to explode inside. And that's exactly what the photographs show, with a fire running up and down inside the outer wall of the Pentagon.

So, we were all of us told, and I hope none of us still believe, that it was the work of three commercial airliners piloted by 19 Mohammedans, who as you may well know, seven of, at least, are notably alive and walking around. Lies. Lies. Lies.

And that's where it's at. Lies or truth. And you will have today some decent non-Catholics, like George Orwell, decent and intelligent men. Some decent men who realize that what's at stake here -- even before, in a certain a certain sense even before religion is brought up, even before God is in question -- that is truth. Does there exist truth? Is there truth?"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Cover Up In Oklahoma" - The 1995 Bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City an Obvious False Flag

Cover-Up In Oklahoma uses eyewitness accounts, expert testimony and extensive 'live' local newscast footage to prove the 'truck bomb' scenario promoted by the government and the mainstream media does not fit the facts. The video shows:

* The damage sustained by the Murrah Federal building could not have been produced by a bomb on the street without additional charges placed on or near internal structural columns.

* The initial news coverage, supported by statements from state, federal and local government officials, described the removal of multiple unexploded bombs from inside in the Murrah Federal building.

* Blast debris was blown out and away from the Murrah Federal building not into it, as would occur with a truck bomb on the street.

* The truck-bomb 'crater', described in the national media, appears to have been an outright hoax.

* Murrah bombing survivors experienced multiple blasts and describe events consistent with the placement of explosives both on the street and inside the Murrah Federal Building.

The presence of bombs within the Murrah Federal building raises disturbing questions about who might have had the access needed to place bombs inside a protected Federal building.

In Testimonial of Murrah Bombing Survivor: Jane Graham a federal government employee and the head of her local union describes unfamiliar workmen inside the building, days before the blast. These workmen had architectural plans, wiring and other materials, that fit the description of explosives. Some of these unfamiliar workmen were in GSA attire. Ms. Graham has been unable to get the government to either identify these workmen or to act upon her testimony, which undercuts the government's 'truck bomb' story.

Jerry Longspaugh, the producer of this video, notes, "Cover-Up In Oklahoma is significantly comprised of broadcast video footage that was recorded in the homes of citizens all across the country...due to the origin of the video footage within Cover-Up In Oklahoma, some of it is of marginal technical quality...viewers are urged to concentrate on extracting the abounding content of suppressed information rather than to be sidetracked by any shortcomings of superficial technical quality."

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hitler - The Ultimate Zionist False Flag Operation

Hitler - The Ultimate Zionist False Flag Operation

By Jim Condit Jr

HITLER --- I am going to take a bow for the late, great Dr. Paul Reznowski who I referred to at his request as "Ratisbone" in the "The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler" video, now renamed "The Nazi-Zioinist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler"; and I also referred to him as "Ratisbone" in the 3 hour radio interview I did with the formidable Christopher Jon Bjerknes (one of the good guys) in May of 2007. The video is free on and in parts, and in condensations on youtube, and is free on CJ Bjerknes's website, (Christopher has every right to have such a website, as he himself is part Jewish, on his grandpa's side). The radio interview is also free at a top link on my website: -- If you want a "hard copy" you can go to my website, ---

By the way, Dr. Reznowski, of Polish and Ukrainian descent, died on the Saturday before last Easter (2009) of a heart attack at the age of a youngish-looking 69. We will not know what we will not have now -- because the good Dr. was traveling to the Midwest a few weeks hence, and part of his trip was going to be to stop in Cincinnati and fill me in on hours of his latest research. NOW

Why I am I going to take a bow for him? Because the little, super-poorly made DVD I put together based on his information has quietly made its way around the world to the right people to where now nobody in the know can defend against Dr. Reznowski's thesis: that it is impossible to understand WW II and Hitler unless you know that he was raised to power by the money of the Rothschild/Warburg Banking dynasties, and that he was essentially a part-Jew working with other top Jews, at least at the beginning of his career. He seemed to have flipped several times during his career a bit, but once WW II started he was already out-maneuvered, even if he had thoughts of trying to overthrow the Jewish Banksters.

Dr. Reznowski also told me in his first call to be about this subject in 1999 that eventually that we would find that almost all the top Nazis were part Jewish. I thought at that moment he had gone of the deep end. It appears he will be proved right, though, -- with the only exception possibly being Von Papen. Although a lot of this is still up in the air and unproven.

By the way, the reason Dr. Reznowski called me is that he said he wasn't sure that he could find anyone else, even with a minor voice on the internet who would present the evidence straight to the public, without trying to over-demonize Hitler, or trying to be an apologist for him.

Reznowski acknowledged that at time Hitler seemed to be trying to prevent the WW II bloodbath, and there is a book about Hitler trying to keep the peace before World War II broke out by a guy with an Irish-sounding name I believe but the title is escaping me.

As I say, this thesis on Hitler, expressed in my DVD and in the interview I did with Christopher Jon Bjerknes has won the day with thinking people, despite a complete blackout in the "revisionist" community and, or course, a complete black out in the world Jewish Press (such as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and Clear Channel Radio. They can't expose their last super-successful false flag when they're in the midst of trying to pull off their CURRENT false flag operation.

I had to erase the bottom portion of the original email world changer sent -- because it locked up my computer for minutes at a time every time I tried to send, etc., but you have the whole email in the original you all received.

Please note the following assertions and responses, some listed in the original email, some not.

* Hitler was part Jewish; unlikely, someone said. On the contrary, the PREPONDERANCE of the evidence is that Hitler was Jewish, maybe half. Much of this is listed on the DVD. ------ Hitler tried to hide his own birth origins with a VENGEANCE. How many legitimate people are trying to hide their own birth origins? The Austrian government, under Dolfuss, eventually assassinated by the NAZIs did a massive study on this little guy from Austria who had emerged like a shooting star on the world stage and found that his grandmother, Schnicklegruber, was registered as a maid at the Rothschild House in Vienna when Hitler's dad was conceived. This fits in with Bismarck's mysterious father and Bill Clinton's. These super-wealthy sire many children and then watch for one with talent. Also, look at internet pictures of his mother Clare Pohlzl her eyes look like she could have been one of those abused children, an area I believe happens, but which I do not understand well - either how or why it is done.

* Hitler fails to crush the British at Dunkirk: a knock out blow against any of the official stories about Hitler.

* NOT LISTED: Hitler fails to drop two ships in the Strait of Gibraltar -- and thus turn it into a German Lake: another knock out punch against the idea that Hitler was foremost interested in winning WW II once it started.

* NOT LISTED: IBM, based in New York City, helps Hitler catalog Jews in German territories with IBM punch card system; and Thomas Watson, president of IBM, gets plenty of awards from Hitler. The Jewish run New York Times neither "notices" nor protests. Watson traveled to Germany in March, 1933, Hitler's first month in office as if spring loaded for the task.

* NOT LISTED: Hitler doesn't arrest or detain one top banker or officers of Jewish banking houses in Germany, such as the Rothschilds or Warburgs.

* NOT LISTED, if minor: Hitler's sister, was head of the Jewish Mensa Club for a while in Austria (I think it was Austria).

* NOT LISTED: Hitler's stint as the go between from the soldiers in the barracks and the Jewish-Communist leaders who took over Munich in 1919; the background to this episode is explained in both the DVD and the radio interview. This was cited as indicative of a key piece of the real Hitler by both Otto Strasser in the "Prisoner of Ottawa" by Douglas Reed and by establishment Historian Ian Kershaw in his 1999 book "Hitler", in which he calls the Munich incident "unexplainable" in light of the rest of Hitler's career. Well, with Dr. Reznowski's KEY a lot of "unexplainable things" become explainable. And Kershaw better pretend that a lot of things are unexplainable if he wants to continue in a plush career.

* NOT LISTED: While this was not universal, as testified to by the honorable man, Leon Degrelle, -- in many parts of the eastern front Hitler treated the Slavs trying to join the Nazi army and help the Nazis against the Soviets as the ENEMY!!-- While AT THE SAME TIME Hitler called the Japanese "honorary Aryans"!!!!!!! This is so comical; how about one of you Hitler apologists explaining THAT ONE. But recognizing the Japanese did allow for this further unexplainable act:

* Even Robert Welch of the John Birch Society noted that after Pearl Harbor 90% of the American arms and men went to Europe to fight Hitler (the German people). What made this possible? ONLY ONE THING: Hitler, inexplicably, DECLARED WAR ON THE UNITED STATES a few days after Pearl Harbor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without this absurd and anti-strategy declaration, Roosevelt would have been hard pressed to explain to the people of the United States why we were going to war in Europe at all. At least Roosevelt would have had to get Congress to declare war on Germany first, a big obstacle.

* I agree with Scott Summers, who I see on this list, and who has valiantly boosted the Reznowski thesis --- Summers said in a past email thread: "Hitler was Rothschild bait for Germany" --- and Germany remains effectively enslaved and broken to this day.

* NOT COVERED: the convenient way that Germany was broken financially by the Jewish-Engineered Versailles treaty circa 1919, when the Germans hadn't even lost the war, resulting that the Germans were then stepped on for 14 years, at which point Hitler "miraculously" appears and lifts Germany out of poverty and abuse --- so that the Germans now are ready to follow Hitler anywhere -- into a war in which the Rothschilds planned to have Germany attacked from 3 sides, and hopelessly outnumbered. The rest is tragic history.

* The declaration of war on Germany by Untermeyer in 1933, I believe, was part of the plan so that Hitler would have the excuse to go along with the "Transfer Agreement" to "break the boycott" by enriching the Zionists trying to take over Palestine. If anyone can find Hitler EVER complaining about the Transfer Agreement to the German people, or even mentioning it, please let me know. By the way, what sense does it make for Zionist Jews to "rescue" Germany from the "boycott war" declared on Germany by Zionist Jews??? -------- Please, PEOPLE, think on these things.

That's enough for now. Yes, leaving aside his inner turmoil as things progressed, HITLER was the ultimate False Flag operation, which has set up the current Khazar-Jew false flag operation that we are now facing.

Jim Condit Jr.

MUST SEE: The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler - Documentary video by Jim Condit, Jr.

Occultist Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party tools of the Synagogue of Satan; "persectuted" lesser jews as pretext for creation of state of 'Israel'

On the Jewish Funding, Control, and Leadership of the Third Reich

"Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel" by Hennecke Kardel

Was the Nazi Party Controlled Opposition, Top Leadership Jews and Crypto-Jews?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hunter of "Torah scrolls that survived the Holocaust", Rabbi Menachem Youlus, exposed as a fraud- Not a single name, date, document to support claims

Rabbi Menachem Youlus, so-called "The Indiana Jones of Torah Scribes," claims he has rescued over 1,000 sacred Torah scrolls that "survived the Holocaust" -- including scrolls he claims he dug up from mass graves in the Ukraine, unearthed at Auschwitz, and even one he stumbled upon while on a tour of Bergen-Belsen when he fell into a hole in the corner of the floorboards of one of the buildings, and felt around with his hands finding a scroll.

The scrolls are always remarkably in good condition despite allegedly being buried in the ground for over 60 years. And the Rabbi is unable to provide a single name, date, photograph or document to support the claims of the origin of any of his scrolls.

The jews who bought Torah scrolls from Rabbi Youlus have now discovered that he is a fraud, and are pissed they were conned out of thousands of dollars. Jewry wrestled with whether to expose the Rabbi as a con artist, or suppress the truth and "serve the greater good" of supporting the official Holocaust story. They have apparantly figured the case of Rabbi Youlus is too glaring of a hoax, and it would be better to announce through their press that the Rabbi is a fraud, than to suppress it and have their enemies expose the truth.

Rabbi Menachem Youlus regales believers with dramatic stories of Holocaust-era scrolls he says he has rescued and restored. But are his tales true?

Rabbi to the Rescue: Menachem Youlus is called the Indiana Jones of Torah recovery and restoration. But there are doubts about his thrilling tales.

By Martha Wexler and Jeff Lunden
Sunday, January 31, 2010
The Washington Post

In October of 2001, Robert Kushner of Pittsburgh received an e-mail that got his heart racing. His nephew had come across a notice in a Jewish genealogical newsletter about a mass grave discovered outside the Ukrainian town of Kamenets-Podolsk. Along with the remains of Jews killed in the Holocaust, the grave contained two sacred Torah scrolls, one of them wrapped in a "Gestapo body bag." A Maryland man had bought one Torah, the newsletter said, but the second scroll needed a home.

Kamenets-Podolsk was the town from which Kushner's father had emigrated in 1920. One of his father's sisters never left, and Kushner, 74, wondered, "Could her body be one of those buried in that mass grave?" He contacted the man who had made this horrific yet miraculous find: Rabbi Menachem Youlus, co-owner of the Jewish Bookstore of Greater Washington. Kushner and his wife traveled to the bookstore in Wheaton and found themselves charmed by the slightly built, chatty Orthodox rabbi.

"We literally fell in love with him," Kushner says. "He exudes honesty, integrity. He's as pleasant as could be."

Youlus showed the Kushners the antique scroll and recounted his adventure: While traveling in Ukraine, Youlus was approached by an unnamed farmer who offered to sell him a handwritten map. As Kushner remembers the story, the farmer said he had been told by his father that if he ever encountered anyone wearing a skullcap, he should show him the map. The farmer led Youlus to his land, which had a pigsty built on a foundation of Jewish gravestones. Seeing Hebrew writing on the map, Youlus bought it and went off with the farmer to a spot marked on it. The rabbi started digging and uncovered a mass grave containing the bones of more than 200 people, as well as two relatively intact Torahs. He and his driver reburied the human remains and marked each individual grave with verses from the Book of Psalms. Months later, Youlus -- who is also a Torah scribe -- restored the Torahs to kosher condition so they could once again be read in synagogues.

Hearing this story, Kushner felt moved to buy the Torah, which was still for sale. He'd grown up poor. His immigrant father couldn't afford the big donation some synagogues used to request for the privilege of reciting Torah blessings during the High Holy Days. Choking up, Kushner recalls: "When this Torah became available, I said, 'You know what? I can't think of a better way to honor my father's memory.' " Youlus told the Kushners that several people had expressed interest in the Torah, but the scribe wanted them to have it, because "that's where your father was born; that's where his siblings were born." Kushner paid $15,000 for the scroll, which he donated to his synagogue, Beth El Congregation in Pittsburgh. He fondly remembers the dedication. "It was a beautiful ceremony. I spoke, my son spoke, through tears." Later, his grandson read from the Torah at his bar mitzvah.

For something buried underground for 60 years, the Torah was in remarkably good condition. The rabbi never showed Kushner any photos of the excavation or of the scroll before its restoration, or the farmer's map. Kushner, a retired lawyer, acknowledges that he was initially skeptical. "You know, the story itself is so bizarre. ... I did not know Menachem at that time, and I guess there was something in my voice," Kushner says. At Youlus's suggestion, Kushner called an Orthodox rabbi in Pittsburgh for a character reference. Kushner's sister called family friends in Maryland who also vouched for Youlus. When Kushner told his own rabbi about the background checks, the rabbi's reaction was: "You know what? You've done far more than you need to do. If a sofer [Torah scribe] tells you a story, you can believe him."


Rabbi Menachem Youlus has found scores of enthusiastic believers and willing buyers. Dubbed "The Indiana Jones of Torah Scribes," Youlus has regaled congregations and the media (including this newspaper in 2004) with tales of cloak-and-dagger adventures in Central and Eastern Europe. The 48-year-old rabbi from Baltimore says he has found Torahs hidden in walls, buried in the ground, piled in basements of monasteries, even under the floorboards of a concentration camp barracks. He says he has been beaten up, threatened with jail in Siberia, and has had to smuggle out Torahs in false-bottom suitcases.

"I guess you can say I'm on a mission," explains Youlus, who wears a neatly trimmed beard and the white shirt, black trousers and black yarmulke favored by the ultra-Orthodox. His stated mission, supported by the nonprofit Save a Torah Inc., is to recover, repair and resettle sacred scrolls from Jewish communities destroyed by the Nazis. His rescued Torahs have found their way into more than three dozen congregations in the Washington area and beyond. Billionaire investor David Rubenstein, 60, co-founder and managing director of the Carlyle Group, purchased two of these scrolls. He says, via e-mail, "I donated these Torahs to the synagogues so their congregants could have the sacred experience of reading scripture from scrolls that had survived the Holocaust."

The Torah is Judaism's most sacred text -- the first five books of the Hebrew Bible -- painstakingly handwritten on animal-skin parchment according to a strict set of rules. It is venerated as the core of Jewish worship and the basis for centuries of Jewish scholarship. Jews treat the Torah with the respect due an important person, standing when it is taken out of its ark and is carried in a synagogue. There's a tradition among some Jews of ransoming stolen Torahs, and scrolls damaged beyond repair are buried in a cemetery.

The stories Youlus has told over the years resonate so powerfully because they meld this centerpiece of the Jewish religion with the cataclysm of the Holocaust, providing a reassuring sense of continuity and hope. As survivors, Youlus's Torahs are brought out for Holocaust Remembrance Day, they're used to teach lessons in religious schools, and for many people, such as Robert Kushner, they have become part of a deeply personal family narrative. Youlus says in a video on the Save a Torah Web site: "Every single Torah that I rescued has a story."

At her white clapboard home in Somers, N.Y., Rabbi Shoshana Hantman, 51, takes a large scroll out of a custom-made, portable ark in her living room, rolls it out on her dining room table and shoos away her Siamese cat as it threatens to tread on the sacred parchment. "This is our old guy," Hantman says, as she prepares to tell the story of the Torah that Youlus sold to her congregation at the time, the Reconstructionist Group of Southern Westchester.

Her tale is almost identical to the one Kushner says Youlus told him. Hantman says she got in touch with Youlus in the summer of 2001 as she was preparing for her small worship group's first High Holy Day services. The member needed a Torah but couldn't afford the $25,000 or more for a new one. So she phoned Youlus and soon found herself captivated by his "angelic presence." "This was an Orthodox rabbi, you understand. Orthodox rabbis don't normally even speak to the likes of me," the clergywoman says. "He didn't only talk to me, he referred to me as 'rabbi.' So I already knew this was a special guy."

Youlus recounted how he had rescued the Torah -- one of a pair, Hantman recalls, that he discovered in the Ukrainian mass grave. The scribe offered the scroll to Hantman's congregation for $6,000. Hantman recalls that Youlus was finishing the Torah's restoration on Sept. 11. She remembers Youlus telling her that he was a member of a Jewish burial society and had to rush to the Pentagon to retrieve the remains of Jewish victims. "And in the middle of it, he [finished] this Torah," Hantman marvels.

The story of that Torah's rescue from the ashes of the Holocaust had special resonance that Rosh Hashanah, when smoke was still rising from Ground Zero. Several members of Hantman's worship group worked at the World Trade Center. Some would find an even closer connection to the story. Hantman recalls: "Once a gentleman came up and said his father was from Kamenets-Podolsk, and he just wanted to touch the scroll because it might have been his father's, and he had [lost] people. People have said that they felt -- you know, very mystical people -- that they felt emanations. ..."

Seated at a laminate table covered with scrolls in his bookstore -- the headquarters for his operation -- Youlus explains the spiritual charge he gets from supplying Torahs, new and restored, to congregations around the United States and overseas. "I've been to so many Torah dedications, and it never gets old," he explains, "because it's a chance to establish a special bond between God's chosen people and God." Around him, the Wheaton shop's two rooms overflow with books and Judaica: prayer shawls, menorahs, children's games, stickers and tchochkes. In the rear, several dozen antique Torah scrolls, many wrapped in black trash bags, lie on a set of shelves awaiting repair.

Customers, including local Jewish clergy, frequently interrupt Youlus, in person and over the phone. He greets everyone with a cheery, high-pitched "Hello" and punctuates the air with emphatic hand gestures. His life outside the bookstore is just as busy, he says: "Last week, I was in Europe once and on the West Coast twice."

As the store's clerk takes scrolls off the shelf and lays them gently on a table, Youlus eagerly describes the mechanics of being a scribe. He shows off turkey quills, used to write Torahs, bits of klaf (parchment) and explains the intense spiritual concentration required of his profession. Youlus says he uses high-tech infrared equipment to inspect the condition of the scrolls and "climate-controlled" ink to restore them. Touting his expertise in dating parchment, Youlus says he has studied with curators "in Europe," but pressed to say with whom he has studied, he won't give names. Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore confirms that Youlus graduated with a degree in Talmudic Law and was ordained in 1983. He also studied accounting at Towson State University.

On his Save a Torah promotional video, posted on the Web in 2007, Youlus says he has rescued 500 Torahs since he began his mission a quarter-century ago. The number Youlus gives on this spring afternoon in 2009 has soared to 1,100.

The fundraising video describes Youlus's rescue operation in dramatic fashion. While a violin plays a mournful tune, supporters give testimonials. The screen flashes archival photos of concentration camp barracks and piles of desecrated Torah scrolls. The message is clear: Make a donation so Youlus can parachute in, rescue these fragile survivors and breathe new life into the ancient text known as the Tree of Life.

One testimonial comes from Rabbi Leila Gal Berner of Kol Ami, a Reconstructionist community in Northern Virginia. Cradling a Torah from Youlus, Gal Berner, 59, relates its remarkable history. "There was a legend of a Torah scroll that had been hidden under the floorboards at Bergen-Belsen [the German concentration camp]. Menachem came to Bergen-Belsen on a tour and literally fell into a hole in the corner of the floorboards, felt something strange, suspected that this might be where it was. It was dug up. Indeed it was the Torah, fully there. After some negotiations, Rabbi Youlus was able to purchase the Torah." For Gal Berner, rescuing a scroll like hers means "that community didn't die when Hitler tried to kill it."

But Youlus's discovery at Bergen-Belsen comes as news to the historian at the camp museum. "I can definitely exclude that there could have been a find of the Torah scroll on the grounds of the Bergen-Belsen Memorial" in recent years, writes Thomas Rahe. In 1945, British troops burned down all the barracks to stop the spread of typhus.

Asked in the shop about his Bergen-Belsen adventure, Youlus at first jokes about his dumb luck -- being a "schlemiel" and literally stumbling on a holy treasure. Confronted with the camp historian's denial, he shoots back: "It's not Bergen-Belsen. ... She [Gal Berner] says it was Bergen-Belsen." Which camp was it? He can't remember: He says he has toured so many concentration camp sites. Why did he allow Gal Berner to tell this story on the video? He says he's never watched it.

Gal Berner -- a historian who has taught at leading universities -- stands by Youlus even after being informed of the facts and of Youlus's denial. In an e-mail, she skirts the question of what the scribe told her about the Torah's origins. "I believe that Rabbi Youlus is an honest man who is doing holy work," she says. "I believe that he must navigate complicated territory in order to find and rescue the Torah scrolls he finds."


In the spring of 2008, Central Synagogue, a prominent temple in Manhattan, dedicated another of Youlus's rescued Torahs. This one came with an iconic name attached. Youlus says he secretly unearthed it in Oswiecim -- the Polish town made infamous by its German name, Auschwitz. Oswiecim Jews, Youlus said, buried this Torah in a metal box in their cemetery to save it from the Nazis. More than six decades later, he told the New York Times, he located the scroll with a metal detector and dug it up. But it was missing four parchment panels. The local Jews removed these panels, he said, before burying the Torah, and later somehow spirited the fragments into the camp. Youlus says he placed an ad in a local newspaper offering to pay for parchment with Hebrew writing on it. Miraculously, a priest -- a former Auschwitz prisoner -- responded the very next day and sold him four panels that proved to be an exact match.

Central Synagogue's rabbi, Peter Rubinstein, acknowledges that he was initially baffled as to how the parchment had come into the camp. But he did not seek an independent appraisal or ask for documentation. Rubinstein says he ultimately trusted Youlus, and he trusted the man who had purchased the Torah and wanted to donate it to Central Synagogue.

That donor was David Rubenstein (no relation to the rabbi) of the Carlyle Group, the D.C.-based private equity firm. The billionaire philanthropist -- who has lent a copy of the Magna Carta to the National Archives -- was not a member of Central Synagogue. But he came well recommended by a congregant: Arthur Levitt, the former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman. "That's how the connection was made," Rabbi Rubinstein recalls. "That's how the world works." As he remembers, donor David Rubenstein "said he wanted exposure for the scroll in New York."

So with great fanfare, the Torah from Auschwitz was dedicated in New York on Holocaust Remembrance Day 2008. Months later, on the Jewish New Year, the congregation again took the Torah down from its imposing two-tiered ark. In his sermon, Rabbi Rubinstein repeated the story of the Torah's wondrous rescue from the killing fields of Oswiecim. Reflecting back on that homily, he says: "Remember, this was two days after the market dropped 700 points, and I was trying to talk about retrenching, not financial retrenching, [but] what are the things that are the anchors of our lives."

Reached for comment about the Auschwitz Torah, Poland's chief rabbi, American Michael Schudrich, responds in an e-mail: "I cannot confirm anything that Menachem has written. I do not know the people he is referring to." Youlus's discovery is also a mystery to Tomasz Kuncewicz, director of the Auschwitz Jewish Center, which cares for the Oswiecim cemetery, and to Dorota Wiewiora, head of the tiny Jewish community still living in the region. She is dismayed at the idea that someone would dig among human remains. And, Wiewiora adds, if such a Torah really was dug up, it would rightfully be the property of her community. "No one would sell it. It's not ethical."

Asked why no one in Oswiecim knew about his ad hoc archaeological dig, Youlus changes major details of the story he told Central Synagogue and the New York Times. He says the box containing the Torah was not made of metal, though he can't say exactly what the material was. Youlus says he simply took an educated guess as to where it was buried, hired a crew to dig and found it in the ground beyond the old cemetery walls. As for the priest who supplied the missing parchment panels, Youlus didn't find him through a classified ad. He says his great aunt -- friends with an unidentified Polish cardinal -- helped find the priest. What was the priest's name? "I have no idea," Youlus says. According to the Archdiocese of Krakow, the last local priest who survived Auschwitz died years before Youlus says he arrived on the scene in 2004.

In a 3-hour interview, Youlus is unable to provide a single name, date, place, photograph or document to back up the Auschwitz stories or any of the others. He says that until Save a Torah was founded in 2004, he kept no records. He refers all requests for documentation since then to the foundation's president, investment banker Rick Zitelman of Rockville.

But in a late December meeting at The Washington Post, Zitelman, 54, shows no documentation for any of the scrolls, despite requests. Zitelman says the only paperwork he gets from Youlus is an invoice the rabbi himself writes up for each Torah. He says Youlus does not submit any airline tickets or hotel receipts for overseas missions. So where does he think Youlus finds the Torahs? "It's my understanding these Torahs come from various locations, including monasteries, museums, antique shops, private owners and other places like that," he says.

Eastern European countries consider the scrolls their cultural property and severely restrict their export. Zitelman says, in a follow-up e-mail: "These Torahs do not belong to the people/organizations/museums/churches that hold them. They belonged to synagogues or Jewish communities or families that were destroyed or killed during the Holocaust. ... These stolen Torahs are no different than art that was stolen from Jews by the Nazis and others, and is now being returned to its rightful owners."

Many state museums and archives in Eastern Europe -- including some in former monasteries -- do hold hundreds of scrolls. And half a dozen major Jewish organizations, backed by the U.S. State Department, have been pressing governments in the region to return them to Jewish hands in an orderly fashion. Wesley Fisher, director of research for the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, is working on the issue. He acknowledges that the slow pace of negotiations "leads many people to think, 'Well, they should just be taken.' " But he says he believes the Jewish people should not "repeat theft," and with the revival of Jewish life in the region, it's "not a matter for individuals to decide in cowboy-like fashion" who should have these scrolls. Such decisions should be made in consultation with local communities, he says. Fisher adds: "I'm not aware that Save a Torah is actually trying to deal with Torahs that are held in government hands in the countries of Eastern Europe."

Jews in Ukraine report that Torahs periodically disappear from museum shelves -- sold privately by corrupt curators -- and end up overseas. Youlus is aware of these shadowy dealings: "I think that there is a gray market in some of these areas. And I am very, very careful whom I deal with." But he won't name the people with whom he deals, so, for now, the source of his old Torahs remains murky.

It's not hard to determine where most Holocaust Torahs in American synagogues come from. Most are on loan from a collection of Czech Judaica gathered at the Jewish Museum in Prague during World War II and later sold to a philanthropist in London. The wartime curators meticulously labeled the town of origin of each of those Torahs. Establishing the provenance of other scrolls, though, can be tricky. The text of the Torah is immutable. Scribes never sign their name, the date or the place where they have penned the scroll. Judging by the calligraphy, the parchment and sometimes the penmanship, experts can estimate within a few decades a scroll's age and region of origin. But even if a Torah is determined to have been written in Europe before the Holocaust, there is no way to tell simply by looking at it where it has been since it was written. It's not hard to find old Torahs for sale: Synagogues close; congregations consolidate and sell off scrolls. And many of the old scrolls come from either Eastern Europe or scribes who trained there. EBay has pages of listings. Some old scrolls for sale, indeed, may be survivors of vanished Jewish communities, but it's hard to say for sure.


What's also hard to ascertain is how the two Torahs Youlus says he found in a mass grave in Ukraine wound up in the hands of five different buyers.

The first was Martin Ingall, 50, of Potomac, who reported Youlus's discovery to the Jewish genealogical newsletter. Its August, 2001, issue states that Ingall, president of Technology Information in Rockville, bought one of the two Torahs and suggested that someone else might want the second. After reading this, Kushner then purchased what Youlus told him was the second scroll. But another Pennsylvania couple, Phyllis and David Malinov, also read the notice and felt a tug on their heartstrings. Phyllis, 71, knew her mother had immigrated from Kamenets-Podolsk. So the couple, a teacher and a physician, headed off to the Wheaton bookstore. After they told Youlus about their family connection to the town, David Malinov, 72, recalls, the scribe "was in favor of our receiving the Torah." They paid about $10,000, they say, for what Youlus told them was one of two Torahs, and took it back to their Jewish fellowship group in Pike County, Pa. Around the same time, the Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center outside Baltimore, which caters to Jewish organizations, was looking for a Torah. The center's executive director, Carol Pristoop, wrote down the incredible story that Youlus told the Pearlstone donors, who paid $10,000 for the scroll. She saved her notes, which state the Pearlstone Torah is one of two found in a mass grave.

Hantman also remembers Youlus telling her that her Westchester County congregation was receiving one of two Torahs from the mass grave. Youlus declines to explain how five parties believed they had one of these two Torahs. But Zitelman says: "There's a total of eight Torahs -- two that were in the mass grave and six that were from the general community. I don't know what Rabbi Youlus said specifically to anybody."

When Hantman hears about the mystically multiplying Torahs, she pauses and says she has to gather her thoughts: "I hope you've read 'To Kill a Mockingbird.' At the end, a truth is concealed for the better good of the community. ... If there is any deception going on ... also think about what he's done that's good." She wrestles with what she has heard. "Destroying this man, if he is guilty of what you suspect, may very well be in service of the truth but in disservice of a greater truth," Hantman says. What, for Hantman, is the greater truth? "The Jewish reverence for the past, for heritage and for those who suffered and died because of the Nazis."

Clark University professor Deborah Dwork, co-author of a history of Auschwitz, says she has an "allergic reaction" to the notion of a greater truth, because, she says, such tales can play into the hands of Holocaust deniers. For her, the historical record must be "absolutely crystal clear. Anything that deviates from that one whit does the memory of the Holocaust a huge disservice," she says.

So why have so many of Youlus's customers accepted his dramatic rescue stories without evidence? Is it because he carries the title "Rabbi"? Or is it because so many unimaginable things did happen during the Holocaust? Perhaps, as sociologist Samuel Heilman says: "There's a sensitivity because of Holocaust denial. If you say some stories aren't true, you may have to say that all stories are not true. So best not to touch on a sensitive topic." Heilman -- who has written numerous books about Jewish communities and is a professor at City University of New York -- suggests that some American Jews feel guilty: "They didn't manage to rescue the people, so they rescue the Torahs." Dwork has her own theory: "The loss was so devastating that we crave tales of survival."


David Rubenstein does not want any lingering doubts about provenance to taint the Torah he donated to New York's Central Synagogue, or another scroll he donated to the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in downtown Washington. Youlus said that Torah was read by inmates at the Dachau concentration camp. But the archivist at Dachau, Albert Knoll, says he has no record of a Torah being smuggled into the camp. After Rubenstein was told that experts questioned the stories about the Torahs, he hired noted Holocaust historian Michael Berenbaum, 64, to investigate. Berenbaum, a former director of the research institute at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, spent an hour and a half with Youlus, spoke with people in Poland and searched through archives and oral histories. "Based on Dr. Berenbaum's investigation," Rubenstein wrote in a September e-mail, "we cannot fully and unquestionably establish that the Torahs are what I had been led to believe." Rubenstein asked Berenbaum to find Torahs "whose Holocaust provenance is not in question. When such Torahs are located and secured, I will donate them to the synagogues -- to ensure they will have what I originally intended them to have." Since then, Berenbaum says, he has secured a replacement Torah for Central Synagogue from a Romanian collection recently transferred to Israel. Sixth & I will receive a scroll from Poland. The Carlyle Group reports that Rubenstein is also paying for the restoration of a historic building for Jewish youth in Poland "as a sign of goodwill and appreciation."

As for Youlus's Torah rescue stories, Berenbaum came to his own conclusion. "A psychiatrist might say they are delusional. A historian might say they are counter-factual. A pious Jew might call them midrash -- the stories we tell to underscore the deepest truths we live," he says. Midrash, in this context, refers to the ancient tradition of rabbis telling anecdotes and fables to convey a moral lesson. "Myth underscores the deepest truth we live," Berenbaum says.

But for Kushner, who to honor his father bought a Torah he believed was from a mass grave, "It's better that I should know the truth than I should go on the rest of my life believing in a myth."

Martha Wexler was the Europe editor for National Public Radio and a senior editor of NPR's "All Things Considered." Jeff Lunden is a freelance journalist and an award-winning radio producer. His stories and documentaries have been heard on NPR, PRI and American Public Media. They can be reached at

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The inefficiency of the SS's search for Anne Frank

The priests of the Holyhoax repeatedly tell us that the extermination of the 6 million reincarnators was only possible due to the amazing efficiency of the Nazi killing machine. Whether it was through soap production, diabolical diesel engines, magic electrified moving swimming baths, or of course the truly amazing gas chambers-cum-showering facilities, those pesky Nazis were wonders in their ability to round up and dispatch the self-chosen Gods of humanity. Alas it would appear that these stories of unbelievable efficiency may be a little (ahem) exaggerated, and, as only nasty anti-Semites would say, may be outright porkies....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NY Times reported in 1906 that Russia's "6,000,00 jews" facing a final "solution" of "systematic and murderous extermination"

Add this to the other fabricated "holocausts of 6,000,000 jews", including:

-the "holocaust" of "6 million" jews that "occurred" in Romania, Poland and Ukraine in 1919 at end of WWI

-the "6 million jews who faced extermination by massacre" in Russia in 1921

-and, of course, THE Holocaust™ of exactly 6,000,000 jews during WWII in Germany and Poland.

And why was Russia "persecuting" the jews in 1906 you might wonder? Well, the article cites the "paranoid", "antisemitic" belief by the Russian authorities of a jewish plot/conspiracy to overthrow the government of the Russian Czar and establish a "jewish empire". Hmmmmm. Well look what happened in 1917. Turns out this belief wasn't so "crazy" after all.

Furthermore, the article notes that the reporter to the Central Jewish Relief League of Germany made "an appeal to the Jewish money powers of the world to arrest Russia's career as a borrower." The "Jewish money powers of the world" have sufficient power to wage war on a nation by preventing it from being able to borrow money? And yet we're told it's just another "anti-semitic canard" that the jews dominate and control the world financial/banking industy. Interesting.


- From the March 25, 1906 edition of The New York Times...archived here. Full article in PDF here.

Relevant portion of article:

Dr. Paul Nathan's View of Russian Massacre

STARTLING reports of the condition and future of Russia's 6,000,000 Jews were made on March 12 in Berlin to the annual meeting of the Central Jewish Relief League of Germany by Dr. Paul Nathan, a well-known Berlin publicist, who has returned from an extensive trip through Russia as the special emissary of Jewish philanthropists in England, America, and Germany, to arrange for distribution of the relief fund of $1,500,000 raised after the massacres last Autumn.

Dr. Nathan paints a horrifying picture of the plight and prospects of his coreligionists, and forecasts at any hour renewed massacres exceeding in extent and terror all that have gone before. He left St. Petersburg with the firm conviction that the Russian Government's studied policy for the "solution" of the Jewish question is systematic and murderous extermination.

Dr. Nathan read to the meeting a circular addressed to the garrison of Odessa, calling upon the soldiers to "rise and crush the traitors who are plotting to upset the holy Government of the Czar and substitute for it a Jewish empire."

He concluded with an appeal to the Jewish money powers of the world to arrest Russia's career as a borrower. The financiers of the world should call a halt to Russia, not only for humanitarian reasons, but for practical reasons. Russia's bankruptcy is an established fact, he added."

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Meaning of the term "holocaust"; A "burnt offering sacrifice" to a deity; THE Holocaust™ a sacrifice to the Jews' god Molech/Satan

1. a great or complete devastation or destruction, esp. by fire.
2. a sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering.


One day during our study together, the matter of the German Holocaust came up and I asked him if that word was Hebrew or Yiddish. He told me that it was a perfectly good Bible word. I challenged him, stating that the word holocaust was not to be found anywhere in the Bible. I confirmed that truth by double-checking in my Strong"s Exhaustive Concordance. Where upon he opened his Douay-Rheims to a dozen Scriptures containing the word holocaust. One of these is found in Numbers 29:1-2:

"The first day also of the seventh month shall be venerable and holy unto you; ye shall do no servile work therein, because it is the day of the sounding and of trumpets. And you shall offer a holocaust -for a most sweet odour to the Lord, one calf of the herd, one ram and seven lambs of a year old, without blemish."

With that insight, the lights went on for me. Wow! Do you see that? Do you get the significance? I will always be in debt to my Catholic friend for showing me the word holocaust in his Bible. It unraveled a mystery. My Bible says that Israel was to make burnt offerings unto the Lord. So, the Hebrew word for burnt offering can be also translated as holocaust!

Studying together, we found that the word holocaust was used more than 150 times in the Catholic Bible, but never once in the King James, or any other Bible translation in my library. That word is not used in the 1599 Geneva or the highly accurate Ferrar Fenton. Noah Webster, the great linguistic scholar who first gave us his famous dictionary in 1828, also published a very good translation of the Bible. He did not use the word holocaust for burnt offering.

Holocaust is a strange word used by both Christians and Jews describing what they characterize as "Germany"s final solution to the Jewish Question." Yet, holocaust has neither a Hebrew, Yiddish, German or English origin. It is a word that has a Greek origin, meaning, "to be burnt whole." How that Greek word managed to get into the Hebrew translation of the Catholic Bible, I can only speculate, and we will discuss that in a later lesson.

What is important for this lesson is that any holocaust is a "burnt offering to a god." In the Old Testament, as you will see by looking up the phrase burnt offering in Strong"s that it appears more than 150 times defined in his word #5930.

[editors note: confirm for yourself that the Hebrew word translated as "burnt offering" can be translated as "holocaust" using a Strong's Concordance for Numbers 29:1-2 and Hebrew Lexicon for Hebrew word #5930]

Sometimes it was a burnt offering commanded by Almighty God which was holy and good. Other times it was an- abomination done by Satan"s Seed to Moloch [Molech] or Astarte [Astereth]. Sometimes the Bible uses the phrase "passing through the fire to Moloch." This is a holocaust that is an abomination, but it is still a burnt offering to a god. Remember, regardless of whether the burnt offering is to Almighty God, or whether the holocaust is for the pleasure of the pagan god Moloch, it is a sacrifice. Holocausts are sacrifices! The burnt offering to Almighty God, done by Israel, was the sweet smell of cattle and sheep consumed on the altar. The holocaust of the Seed of the Serpent was always the sacrifice of their own children, making them pass through the fire ? holocaust -- to Moloch [II Kings 23:10]. These people did not sacrifice an enemy person or the people of a neighboring race to their god Molech, because such would be no sacrifice. Instead, as in the Holocaust in Germany during World War II, they always sacrificed their own people.


The Zionist Jews put the poor, lower class Jews among their kinsmen through the fire to Molech, so that through that sacrifice the State of Esau-Israel might come into being. By their words, and the use of the word holocaust, they have made that admission.


Unable to resist disclosing the tell-tale marks of the Serpent race, these sons of Moloch falsely claim that Six million Jews died under Aryan domination during the six years from 1939 to 1945. They have attempted to make the German people in particular, and the rest of the Caucasian people of the world in genera], guilty of the Holocaust which they, themselves, brought about as their sacrifice for Esau-Israel! The German people, most of whom believed Catholics or Lutherans, had no intention of sacrificing their Seed unto Moloch, Molech, Ashtoreth or Astarte, and they did not do so. Don"t you see? If the Germans did it to the Jews, it could not properly be called a holocaust. By their own lips, the Jews have, once again, betrayed themselves.

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Kevin Käther persecuted for questioning the Holycaust

The Latest Judicial News from Absurdistan

By the authors of the National Journal

Like a true patriot, Kevin Käther has been fighting the modern Inquisition tribunals on behalf of the German nation. In an appeal hearing on 9th June 2009, Tiergarten District Court (Berlin) initially sentenced him to a prison sentence of eight months without probation.

The concerned citizen will ask: What brought about his guilty verdict and prison sentence?

Kevin's crime consisted of sending compact discs (CDs) of Germar Rudolf's proscribed book "Lectures On the Holocaust" to three judges in Berlin and then filing an official complaint against himself for violating Germany's notorious censorship laws. His purpose in doing this was to judicially determine, in a court trial, whether Rudolf's factual conclusions are scientifically valid. In the cover letter that he sent with the CDs, he stated that if empirical evidence proved the contents of Rudolf's book to be inaccurate, he would accept his punishment without objection or appeal.

He wrote:

"Under the censorship laws of the Federal Republic, distribution and dissemination of this book is proscribed as 'Denial of Holocaust.' Germar Rudolf, the author of this book, was sentenced to a prison term for the commendable but criminal act of writing it. As a self-respecting German I have a patriotic obligation to publicize these lectures in our country... I realize that I will probably be indicted and convicted in a court of law for my action, and I accept that probability. In the ensuing criminal trial, you will be required to testify as witnesses. For this reason, you should familiarize yourselves with the factual contents of Rudolf's book, applying old-fashioned German thoroughness."

The indictment came immediately.

In order to either prove or disprove the veracity of Rudolf's book in a judicial framework, Kevin submitted over four thousand pages of empirical evidence during his trial, along with Rudolf's "Expert Report on the Alleged Gas Chambers of Auschwitz."

[Rudolf, a diploma chemist at the Max Planck Institute, had originally prepared this expert report for the Defense in the 1992 trial of Retired General Otto Ernst Remer for "Denying Holocaust."]

In 1993 General Remer sent the Rudolf Report to more than 300 professors of Inorganic Chemistry. Not a single professor found a single mistake in his numerous analyses, and an expert witness in a Swiss court also attested to its accuracy. Regarding this report, the director of the Jewish Anne-Frank Association in Amsterdam, Hans Westra, made the following statement in 1994 on the Belgian TV program "Panorama":

"The scientific analysis in this expert report is perfect."

The Rudolf Expert Report was Kevin's main piece of evidence, but he pointed out a number of other discrepancies in the official "Holocaust" tale that need clarification as well. For example, the newsweekly DIE Zeit had reported that the "Auschwitz Holocaust" was carried out by mass shootings rather than homicidal gas chambers.

In addition, Kevin called on Gita Sereny, Britain's foremost Jewish "Holocaust" researcher and writer, as a witness. In the LONDON TIMES issue of 29 August 2001 she agreed that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp. Kevin also wanted the judges to indicate which of the official estimates of the number of Auschwitz deaths is correct, since they range from 66,000 to 9,000,000.

Kevin then asked the Court to clarify which of the judicially valid Maidanek verdicts is correct: Berlin District Court determined that Maidanek Concentration Camp had no homicidal gas chambers, whereas Düsseldorf District Court ruled that mass gassings took place in homicidal gas chambers there.

He also asked the judges to clarify through evidentiary findings whether the victims in Treblinka Camp were killed with steam or gas. The Allied Military Tribunal decreed that victims were "steamed" at Treblinka whereas Federal Republic verdicts claimed they were "gassed."

With over 4000 pages of evidentiary motions, Kevin hoped to make the Court establish whether he, on the strength of the documents he presented, had a legal right to publicly express the opinion that no homicidal gassings took place in Auschwitz and other wartime camps. However, all of his evidentiary motions were disallowed, and he was threatened with additional criminal charges for attempting to introduce them!

This young German patriot, who had hoped to determine whether his historical opinions were correct or incorrect by introducing empirical evidence in a German court of law, had fallen into the black pit of judicial chaos. The German courts refused to rule on whether official documents and their own rulings, which wildly contradict one another, support Kevin's opinions.

Kevin then appealed his verdict within Tiergarten Court. In these proceedings, in which he submitted another 2500 pages of evidentiary motions, the original verdict of eight months imprisonment was upheld, as was the Court's proscription against his submitting evidence.

Kevin then appealed on points of law to the next higher court. Then, on 16 September 2009, a judicial sensation occurred: the Fourth Criminal Section (Kammergericht) of Berlin Superior Court of Justice vacated the verdict of the Tiergarten Appellate Court -- and it did so in a way that allowed nothing but acquittal! The Kammergericht ruled that Kevin's sending the book CD to three judges did not involve the public, which was indispensable for the crime of "Holocaust Denial."

Their decision reads as follows:

"The handing out of literature to one or a few specific individuals does not fulfill the requirement of distribution unless it is definitely established that these individuals intended to further distribute the literature. The charge specified in the appealed verdict does not constitute such distribution. 'Distribution' is not involved here because we are dealing with only three CDs of the book that were intended for specific recipients and sent to them alone. The 'critical value' of the minimum number of recipients needed to qualify as 'distribution' is clearly not present."

Thus the Kammergericht ruling forced the hand of the Court of First Instance. Because it was now clear that acquittal was certain to result from the first trial, Tiergargen District Court prepared a new indictment - this time on account of the evidence that Kevin attempted to submit. The submission and consideration of evidence to prove the innocence of defendants is of course a universally recognized human right. The European Convention of Human Rights specifically protects it.

In the "Holocaust" witch trials that are currently staged in the Federal Republic of Germany, however, this basic human right is routinely trodden underfoot. It is undeniable that by refusing to accept evidentiary motions that would prove innocence in "Holocaust" trials, German courts routinely deny defendants the fundamental human right to a legal defense. Actually the situation is even worse: our courts take the denial of human rights a step further than merely refusing to allow accused persons to defend themselves. Not only are defendants forbidden to defend themselves: Even worse, they are charged with additional crimes for submitting evidentiary motions.

Not even China engages in such judicial tyranny!

On 10 December 2009 Kevin was sentenced to a prison sentence of one year and eight months for repeated "Incitement of the Masses" (specifically, reading and submitting evidentiary motion in his first trial.) This time, however, even though his "crime" was greater than in the first trial (distributing proscribed literature), the Court surprisingly substituted probation for prison time, even though the greater "crime" would logically rule this out.

Did the judges suddenly develop a conscience, or did they simply abandon all attempts at logical consistency?

Even with this new sentence, however, the Court still lacks any and all legal basis for sentencing Kevin. This is because he had asked the Court to declare the session in which he read his evidentiary motions "not open to the public." Again no "public" existed, and with no public, there can be no distribution. As the Kammergericht ruled, such a public is necessary for conviction under Section 130 of the Penal Code. Thus this intrepid young father of a family, an honourable and patriotic German, has been effectively silenced. With the probated sentence, the Court obviously intends to hold him politically hostage so that in future he will "keep his mouth shut."

Kevin exhibited truly heroic patriotism, however, he is a family man with a small daughter, and his conscience and sense of responsibility oblige him to refrain from further action under the present system. He has done enough, risked enough, struggled in exemplary fashion. Now he must devote himself to his family.

Our unjust and inconsistent system is certain to bring about its own downfall.

Translated by J M Damon
The original is posted at

Germar Rudolf's "Lectures on the Holocaust" is available for free at the following link:
Get a copy before the Zionist censors have this site taken down. We must preserve the evidence which proves that the Zionist blackmailers who live on the guilt of Europeans have created that guilt from their own fetid imaginations. The lie of the Holocaust is the foundation of their power, and without it they will struggle to maintain control.

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"Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel" by Hennecke Kardel

Kardel's book presents events leading to and the people responsible for the World War II, the Holocaust, the creation of the State of Israel and other historical events. It also shows in great detail the reasons and explains how and why it was possible for those events to happen. This book is a highly recommended reading for all the History Buffs, the Jews and non-Jews alike. [1]

Book in PDF

Typical signs of Jewish features are: Eyes are usually shiny and both eye lids are heavy and swollen. The lymphbag under the eyes is usually fuller and stands out more than on Gentiles. The high cheekbone as a rule creates a sunken cheek. The nose can only be differentiated by its slightly moving nose wings when viewed from the front during breathing. The upper lip is short and the lower lip stands out and this gives the face a sensual expression." Source: Twelve volumes "Jewish Encyclopedia" on all questions pertaining Jewry and the Jewish curious nature and notions.

The main supporters of fulfilling the "Work of Masters" were Reinhard Heydrich, predominantly Jewish (above) and the full Jew Adolf Eichmann (below). As the organizer of the Jewish emigration prior to the Second World War Eichmann traveled to the country which today is Israel.

MUST SEE: The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler - Documentary video by Jim Condit, Jr.

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William Lowenberg's astounding Holy Hoax tale - Had a magic thirst-quenching pebble, did not drink water, survived on his saliva for 3 years

Vhat? You don't believe my Holocaust tale?

This tale is certified kosher from "Telling Their Stories", and archived here in an interview from 2003.

William Lowenberg

Date: April 3, 2003, San Francisco, California
Interviewers: Oral History Class (whole class group interview), with Howard Levin and Deborah Dent-Samake

Date: May 8, 2003, San Francisco, California
Interviewers: Matthew G. ('05), Marisa S. ('05), Molly K ('05), Jason G. ('05), Eve M. ('05), with Howard Levin and Deborah Dent-Samake

William "Bill" Lowenberg was born in Ochtrup, Germany. He was the only survivor of his immediate family – his father, mother and sister all perished in Auschwitz. His family fled Germany to Holland in 1936 after experiencing an increasing amount of anti-Semitism. Bill's family was sent to the Westerbork concentration camp in Holland in 1942. He was then sent by himself to Auschwitz-Birkenau at the end of 1942 where he stayed until the spring of 1943. He was then sent to the Warsaw Ghetto after the uprising where he was forced to do slave labor destroying buildings, burning bodies and searching for valuables for the German army. From Warsaw Bill was then sent to Dachau and then to the Kauffering camp. He was liberated on April 30, 1945 by the American army. Feeling a great debt to the U.S. Army, Bill later went on to serve in the Army during the Korean War. After starting with only ten dollars in his pocket when arriving to the United States, Bill went on to create a successful real estate company in San Francisco. He now dedicates his life to Holocaust remembrance and education, and is a co-founder of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

Lowenberg also is now a Freemason in California, and was "one of five individuals to spearhead the creation of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C."

Summary of William's tale:

William was only 15 when the evil Germans gathered up William and his family and put them in a box car. The box car went to Auschwitz. William and his fellow Jews would use the dead Jews in the box cars as benches. The Jews would poop on the dead Jews. When the train arrived at Auschwitz, 1/3 of the people had suffocated.

The Nazis gave priority to the trains full of Jews. Trains full of food going to the troops would have to wait, because the Nazis priority was to kill all the Jews.

Dr. Mengele greeted the transports. Mengele had a whip and a white coat. Little William was only 15, but he told Mengele that he was 18. This spared his life, because the Nazis gassed all the Jews who couldn’t work. William had to work by moving rocks from one place to the other, then back again.

The Jews got only 200 calories a day for food. In the morning, they had no breakfast for breakfast –only tea. For lunch, 4 people had to eat a single bowl of soup. The Jews got a slice of bread for dinner. If you didn’t eat your bread right away, the rats would steal it from you.

The camp commander had a motorcycle that he would drive down the main street. He would shoot at anything that moved from his motorcycle. If he saw you, he would use you for target practice.

There was typhus at Auschwitz. A friend, the magician, told William not to drink the water. The friend put a pebble in William’s mouth to make saliva. So William didn’t have to drink any water for 3 years, but was never thirsty. William would clean himself by rolling in the snow.

William saw his own mother, father, and sister go into the gas chamber. The Germans had crews of Jews who would work in the gas chambers. Every 90 days, the Nazis shot the Jews who worked in the gas chamber, because they didn’t want anyone alive to testify about what the Nazis were doing.

At Auschwitz, there was a team of Jews that had wheelbarrows. Every morning the Jews would walk around the fence with their wheelbarrows, and pick up the dead Jews who had died on the electric fence.

Dr. Mengele would perform experiments on the Jews. He castrated the big Jews. He injected animal semen into some other Jews.

One day a wheelbarrow ran over William, and he couldn’t work. So his friend, the magician, hid William in the rafters. The magician would have been killed in the first transport, but the Nazis needed a magician.

Then William and the magician volunteered for a transport that said “Destination Unknown.” The Nazis killed all the Jews at Auschwitz, so William is lucky the Nazis let him and the magician volunteer for this transport. The transport went to the Warsaw ghetto. William worked on the dynamite team. The Nazis made the Jews dynamite the buildings.

Then William built an underground factory. The Jews would pile rocks up 100 feet high and very long. The Nazis poured 4-5 feet of concrete over this mountain of rocks, and then took a firehouse and blew out the rocks underneath. So the Nazis then had an underground tunnel that they built the V2 rockets in.

The Germans made William salvage electrical transformers from the ruins of Warsaw. William and his friends saw diamonds, gold and money lying in the ruins. But they didn’t take any, because you couldn’t eat diamonds.

One Jew traded another Jew, a greenhorn, the diamonds for his bread for 3 days. The Jew who took the diamonds died of starvation. After 3 days.

The Holocaust™ was the biggest money maker ever for the Germans. The Nazis had whole teams of people working in the gas chamber to take the gold from the dead Jews. If you had gold fillings, you were gassed immediately. Then the Nazis sold all the shoes and clothing from the dead Jews to South America. The Nazis financed the war for 2 years by selling the Jew’s gold fillings, and shoes, and clothing.

Then the Nazis were going to kill all the Jews in Warsaw, but the resistance leader warned the Germans not to. So the Germans death marched the Jews instead. They made the Jews death march all week. Then the Jews wanted to drink at the river. So the Nazis machine gunned them. They used dogs to get the Jews back into line for the machine guns. The river turned into blood, all red.

Then the Nazis put the Jews on a train to Dachau. Then they told the Jews they were going to march to Switzerland, but the Nazis fooled them, and death marched them again. William was certain to die on this death march, but the Americans came. Then an American soldier gave William a cigarette. William took 1 puff and fainted.

Then William and his friends robbed the nearby German houses and killed the SS men. Then William went to Holland, but the Nazis had stolen all the cows.

by Yehuda Abraham

Highlights from the interview:

The 15-year old Lowenberg travels to Auschwitz in a box car "like cattle." He's says the German plans of "killing all the jews" even took precedence over the war on the eastern front against the Russians, so the box cars carrying the jews to Auschwitz was given priority over troop transports and supplies for the German Army.

Can you describe the transport from Westerbork to Auschwitz?

When we got to Auschwitz in the box cars from Holland which lasted about a week to get there...and by the way, the Germans were so determined to kill people that while they were fighting a war on the Russian side, in Eastern Europe, the railroads–planes weren't used in those days–the railroads had priority, the boxcars going to Auschwitz had priority on the rail lines to Auschwitz, before the army troops were supplied on the Eastern Front. You can see how obsessed they were with killing people.

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William meets Mengele himself when arriving at Auschwitz:

Then we were in Auschwitz, in Birkenau. Then they started screaming, "Out, out, out," so we went out. And we were standing in line to be selected. You have heard of Mengele, a famous doctor? And he stood in front of the line, there were about eight, nine people in each row, and he said to me, I remember quite well, in German, he said, "How old?" So, for some reason, God made me say 18. I was only 15 but I was chubby, with a coat on. I looked kind of not very thin. And, I said eighteen, and he goes like this [flicks arm to the right]. And, I see people who went, and the others go like that, with his whip [flicks arm to the left]. The ones who went there [left] went on trucks. I figured as I'm standing there, I said, "Why did I lie? Now I have to walk, and God knows how far. These people are all going on trucks. I could have been on the trucks if I didn't lie." But the ones who went on the trucks went to the gas chambers. Out of the four thousand they took about maybe four or five hundred who had to work. And that depended on if they needed a work force.

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He says he saw his parents and sister go to the gas chambers, and that the Auschwitz gas chambers operated 24 hrs a day. He survived on 200 calories a day:

And I saw my parents and my sister marching by, but they were marching into the gas chambers and I was working in front of the building. And I stopped working, I fainted almost, and I was beaten up, I still have scars on my back. Now then we knew that the gas chambers were working 24 hours a day. It went on for years and years until about the end of '44.

The food intake was about 200 calories. You got a piece of bread in the evening. The next morning you got some what they called "tea" with some warm water, whatever color. At lunch you got a bowl of soup and every four people had a bowl, so you never had your own. So four people ate out of the bowl. That was our food. At night the bread you had to eat immediately because if you didn't, either you couldn't keep it all night because the rats would eat it if you had it under your hat, or they would steal it from you, people were so hungry.

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William says the camp commander would ride on his motorcycle on the main street of the camp and shoot at jews for target practice:

The beatings were horrible with the dogs, they all had dogs, those Germans, the SS men, the dogs and the beatings. I remember the camp commander–that I remember vividly–had a motorcycle and he used to go on the main street of the camp in Birkenau. He had a pistol in his hand and anything he saw moving, human beings, he shot, he used you for target practice. Life was absolutely, totally worthless to these people. That I remember.

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According to Lowenberg, if you got sick or injured at Auschwitz, you were immediately gassed. One time he was injured by a whellbarrow and "hid in the rafters" of the barracks by his magician friend:

Did you ever get sick at Auschwitz?

If you got really sick you go to "Barracks 13" they called it, and the next day you'd be gassed. I once got run over by a lorry, they called it—you know, one of those wheelbarrows, those heavy double wheelbarrows—and I was destined to go to "Barracks 13." My friend again, the magician, he hid me in the rafters in his barracks and shared his food with me. That's when we got out. He said, "We're getting out of here." And we volunteered, he volunteered me and him on a "transport unknown," I don't know if I talked about it [before]. He says, "Either we go on the 'transport unknown' and we'll get killed tomorrow morning or we really go to somewhere," because they did take people out of Auschwitz for work details and other factories, other cities, wherever. "And if we stay here, we'll be dead in three weeks anyhow or maybe next week. So, let's take a chance. There's no one who gets out alive out of Auschwitz." And I was in the rafters up there and we went on this transport, and that's how we got to Warsaw because it was "transport unknown" but nobody told us where we were going. We were in the boxcars about two, three days then, we were in Warsaw seeing the ghetto burning.

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When doing work outside the camps, William claims he saw diamonds, gold, valuable artwork, and money just lying in the streets or in the rubble of the bombed out buildings. But he didn't take any of the valuables because "you couldn't eat money or diamonds":

We always saw money on the streets constantly. People just lying there. Valuable art, whatever art people had. And money on the streets, sure, diamonds and gold. We found them in the rubble sometimes, on the dead bodies. What are you going to do with it? You can't eat a piece of metal, you can't eat diamonds. That didn't mean anything, there was no value. That's why there's no one who came out of the camp who brought any value with them because there was nothing, we didn't have anything. And you couldn't use it, it wasn't trading material.

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Lowenberg says the Nazis financed the war, extending it by two years, from selling all the gold tooth fillings, shoes, and ratty old lice-infested clothing from the "six million holocuasted jews." William forgot about the "five million" holocausted non-jews. Maybe they didn't have gold fillings or clothes that were re-sellable. He says that all jews who had gold fillings were immediately sent to the gas chambers:

And let's remember one thing, the biggest money maker for the German government was the Holocaust because we take six million people, they have wedding rings, they have gold teeth, they have clothing, they have money in their pockets, a little bit, and then all these buildings to demolish. That was the biggest moneymaker. I would venture to say that the Second World War would have been finished within a year and a half to two years had it not been for the Holocaust because that financed the Germans. That's why you hear today about all this gold they took to Switzerland. That's why the insurance companies, are the biggest thieves on earth because they sold the insurance companies [policies], and people came after the war and said, "My father had insurance, I know that." They said, "Where's your death certificate?" Well Auschwitz didn't give death certificates. So, this is still going on now.

The Holocaust was the biggest money making event for the Germans. If you had gold fillings, you were destined to be killed immediately because there were whole teams who did nothing else in the gas chambers after the Germans gassed them to take the gold out. Bags, and bags, and bags of gold. And the clothing – six million people, there're six million shoes. That's a lot of shoes for a country. The clothing, they sold them all over the world including South America. This was a big, big money making event for the Germans. That extended the war, in my opinion, by probably two years. Nobody talks about it but believe me.

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Lowenberg claims at Auschwitz the Germans castrated men and injected semen from animals into the women:

The men they did castrations, a lot – middle size, regular size, big size – they castrated men and they had the worst time, they couldn't live much longer. I knew quite a few who were picked. They picked certain individuals who looked like they were "macho-macho" or whatever. They castrated and injected them. But the women were worse. In Auschwitz it was prevalent, big operation, what they did to women there you can't even talk about what they did to them. Inject them with semen from animals, you name it. Anything you can think of that you wouldn't want to talk about, they did it the people.

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After being "liberated" from Dachau by the American Army, Lowenberg and his friends murdered every German guard they could get their hands on:

Damn right. Were we angry? Yeah, all of that. We didn't kill anybody. German guards yes, we killed all we could find the German guards who had done it to us, but not German civilians.

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What did you do the first day you were liberated?


Then all of a sudden the Americans came with the tanks. We had to scream at them, "Don't touch the wires!" because the wires were all high voltage – 2000 volts of electricity. Then they had to bring in the Corps of Engineers to take the electricity off those wires. Then they opened up. I got out with about five or six of us immediately and we took over a German barracks and we killed a bunch of Germans – the SS, the guards. I could walk at that time, not all could. We then were told we had to get back in the camp because the American army knew there was a typhoid epidemic and other diseases at that point. They closed the camp up again, but they gave us food. They were very good.

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Lowenberg was a vice-chairman of the founding of the Holy Hoax Museum in Washington, D.C.:

Have you kept in contact with your liberators?

No. Except some twenty years ago – no, it's not, it's ten years ago, pardon me – when we opened the museum in Washington – some of you may have seen it, the Holocaust Museum, I was the vice-chairman of it – we invited some people who had liberated the camps.

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William says he rolled in the snow to keep clean:

I remember more in Warsaw, which was the same situation, but we had a long period of snow there, because it's colder in Poland. I used to sneak out, and others too, sometimes, whenever we could and go out in the snow and roll ourselves in the snow, and wash ourselves down with the snow. If you had enough strength, you did that, as long as the Germans didn't see that. But if you didn't have enough strength, people died because of hygiene. Hygiene, to me – and I talk about it even outside of this milieu – people don't realize how important hygiene is. It saved my life.

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His magician friend tells him to put a pebble in his mouth to avoid having to drink the water at Auschwitz:

Someone was interviewing you and they asked, "What was your will for staying alive?" You responded that you "kept clean." What was your reason?

Good question. I happen to believe very strongly in hygiene which I learned from my mother. She was very clean, I mean "household-wise" scrubbing all of the time and washing all of the time. When I got to Auschwitz somebody said to me, the same friend, he said, "Don't drink the water, the water has typhoid in it." So, what do you do? So he said, "Pick up a pebble," there was a pebble in the street, a little stone pebble. I picked up that pebble, I wiped it and I put it in my mouth. I had it all the way through the camps and that created enough saliva that I didn't get dehydrated. But we never drank the water there was an enormous amount of typhoid. The other thing, which was very prevalent, that's why a lot of people died, too, because of the type of food we got and the water we drank, diarrhea was a big killer.


The other thing that saved me, probably - there was - the water had typhoid in it. We knew that. By having that you also got immediately - and it happened a lot - a lot of people had diarrhea. My friend - the one I mentioned, the magician again - he had some experience, and he said, "Don't drink the water." What do you do? Cause you need [water]. He said, "Pick up a pebble." I picked up a pebble off the street, a little stone. I had that stone for three years. I had it in my mouth, all day long. It activated my saliva gland. He taught me that. That's why I never got that thirsty. That helps. Why do you think you guys take to chewing gum, right? What's the reason you take chewing gum? To activate your saliva gland, but they don't tell you that. They tell you it tastes good. It's because you activate your saliva gland. It's probably healthy. I don't like chewing gum, it's personal, I don't know, it doesn't mean anything to me. But young people, you see it more than older people. That pebble saved my life, I believe, because I didn't drink the water. If you drank the water you got typhoid and there was lots and lots of typhoid. Hygiene. I feel very strong about that.

Did you keep the pebble?

No, I lost it. When the war was over, we were liberated, I wanted to get rid of everything that reminded me of it. No. I wish I had. I thought about it. I wished I kept that pebble. It was a little stone and it worked. Others did too, I wasn't the only one. But not everybody did, apparently.

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